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28 August 2011

Eskinol Dermaclear-C Overnight Pimple Gel

I don't have perfect skin (well at least on my face) and occasionally it grows unwanted sprouts called "pimples". Yes, the eternal problem for all mankind - the thing that we have no idea why it has to exist when some chosen ones are blessed with the smooth porcelain face.

It wasn't perfect starting highschool but after college, when I started working, my face started to become smooth again... until recently all hell sort of broke lose. Well, unfortunately hormones aren't cooperative when it comes to physical appearances and a surge of hormonal imbalance got my friends and colleagues ask me, "what the hell happened!? Kimi, there's a big zit on your cheek!"

A year ago, one of my bestest buddies told me, "girl, what did you too? Your skin is perfect! It's different now (compared to college)" and I was like, "nothing, really. Just... hmmm.. nothing." Errr.. annoying to hear the complete opposite of that today.

Now the hormones are being treated to stay balanced, I also have to do something about this face. Even if some people would argue that beauty lies within, we have to be honest that we need to look good and presentable. On top of that, I'm just a really vain person too so I wouldn't really have to explain myself because that fact alone is self explanatory. LOL.

Anyhooz... I was at Mercury Drug Store (yet again) with my mom after having our hair treatment. Then I was looking around and found this product:

Yep, it's Eskinol Dermaclear-C Overnight Pimple Gel. I've never used this before and have tried other products from the dermatogists' clinic thinking that what they prescribed is better than what can be bought at the market. Then I thought, it's worth a try I guess. It's really cheap, I got it for only 103php (roughly $2.28) and it can be found virtually anywhere.

I'm just about to apply it (like right after this blog cuz I'm about to take a bath and go to bed) but of course, I read the stuff on it. Okay, it says "May cause stinging sensation..." blah blah.. yeah, that's tolerable.

Next, I also read reviews and so far all's positive saying that it's effective. Err why haven't I bought this ages ago?? It's just there waiting to be grabbed by me!!

Oh well let's see tomorrow for any improvements!

♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

27 August 2011

Face Mask!!

Rawr! LOLERZ... :)

Okay, I love face masks! I love the feeling because they're really soothing and it also, of course, makes the skin healthier. Now, I don't really have that perfect skin and I've tried a lot of products to help my skin. However, it's more related to my hormones rather than the pores itself.

Anyhooz, I love this certain brand of face masks that I get from Watsons but while I was in Mercury Drug Store, I was picking some nose pack (to remove the blackheads) and stumbled across a product of the same brand. It's iWhite Korea's face mask.

Their nose pack works quite well in removing black heads and I use it a lot. Now I just wanted to try this mask. Hmm.. I'm not really into lightening my skin anymore and the reason I bought this is to even out my face's skin tone. I've already dropped the idea of skin whitening (for my whole body) this June. I relatively have fairer skin than the normal morena tone but my skin darkens quite fast, so it did especially now that I travel to work everyday and get more exposed to direct sunlight in the morning. I realized it was actually useless because I go to the beach every summer and get really tanned so the effort goes to waste. LOL.

Anyways, not sure if this one will really work but it feels good though...


20 August 2011

A Healthy Diet :)

I'm concerned about my weight but I just really don't have the effort to actually lose it. Now, I think I've become too heavy and I admit that I'm no longer comfortable with it. I just hope things go on smoothly...

So start the day with a healthy breakfast in the office...

Oats make a good jumpstart!

Just add hot water! I like cereal drinks better...

...and I can take it to my table ^_^

Hmmm I just sure hope the beginning of this healthy diet keeps going on!! I'm not really aiming to be stick thin.. I just want to be healthy.

♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo Kimi ♥ ♥ ♥

17 August 2011


Hi everyone!

Remember the days when streaks where a fad and everything scene? Well, I've loved that kind of hair even before almost everyone was doing it. Anyways, I would really still want to do it again, given the chance but here's some of my previous Racoon Hair :)


When I looked up the tutorials on these, I've seen lots. I haven't seen one though that is similar to what I did. Maybe no one has uploaded it or I just haven't seen it. It's really easy! I'll be posting a tutorial this weekend on that, in case anyone is still interested. I guess I'd just have to draw it since I can't really do it anymore to my hair u_u

Oh well, good night everyone! Will come back with more this weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

14 August 2011

Falling Hair

An eternal problem for many people - hair fall!!!!

I don't really have this problem despite the many times that I color my hair cuz I take good care of it until lately. I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life - dyeing my hair too much!! I've done it before and I usually change hair color every two months or so but this time, I think I overdid it. I also bleached parts of it and now, my hair started to fall.

Yesterday I visited the Salon to have a haircut and I got a treatment too. Now, the salon dude has convinced me to go through a series of treatments to help me with my problem. The good thing about John (the dude, but not really) is that he also gave me advise on what I should do at home.

This is my hair now - it's pretty thin. I naturally have thin hair - and now I guess it's epically thin :(

Now I'm going through a series of treatments, perhaps it will last for a few months. I also got Horse Shampoo from the Salon. It will help make my hair become stronger and shinier. Now, I've been making a research if it can really help in hair growth - that I'm not sure. I've been reading contradicting reviews - some claim it does, some say it doesn't.

Whichever is right, it's still worth a try cuz it will, nonetheless, make my hair healthy.

As for the hair growth, there's one proven thing that I'll be doing again. It's the use of coconut oil!!

My mom has done this before when I was younger and my hair did grow very well. It also got thicker. The only reason I used to think twice about it is that the coconut smell doesn't really go away and it's very strong. It doesn't smell bad at all but it's very strong and I would smell like rice cakes with coconut toppings O.o

Anyways, she's going to get me a bottle of coconut oil tomorrow! Patience... patience... :) Now I will put this to the test and I hope I get to prove it right.

♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

Geo Contact Lens : Nudy Golden Blue

Contact lenses... are my perfect addiction. If there's one more thing other than hair color that I drool over, it's contact lens! Again, mentioning the firsts... The first pair of lenses that I ever bought was about four years ago. I got it from Executive Optical and they looked nice. The brand is Flexwear and I got two pairs, actually.

Unfortunately my eyes sort of reacted to it and my eyes turned really red so I stopped using it. Then I went online and discovered Geo Lenses sold locally!! The Pinkshoppe sells worldwide but I'm not sure if they're still active today cuz I already changed my supplier.

One of my favorite pairs are my GEO NUDY GOLDEN BLUE lenses!!

Unlike the other colors from the Nudy series, this is more visible but still looks sort of natural.

It also makes my eye pop a little :)

I find it really pretty and I use it almost everyday. The good thing about it is that it's also good for one year. Now, it's not always "one year" - of course you have to take good care of your lenses too!

♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

Red Head

I super love hair color! I started dyeing my hair when I was 10 years old when my mom first took me to a salon and got my hair dyed burgundy. It was really nice but I always get the question if it was natural. Being Asian living in an Asian country, you don't always see different hair colors unless you're a foreigner.

When I was in college, I dyed my hair more expressive colors like bright red, blue and green. It toned down when I started working but then I started it again when I worked for a call center for one year since there aren't really any rules. Now, I'm working for a different company and unfortunately, I won't be able to do that anymore which is so sad.

Anyways, I'd be more than happy to share the hair that I used to have and some tutorials on how to do them.

Right now, I would be investing in making my hair look better and might keep it brown or blonde (it depends).

By far, this is one of my favorite hair styles:

Pink - Red with purple streaks ♥

Had to bleach the hair to make it light then dye it pink.

Nao, nao... if there's one thing that I learned with all of this - it's that if you dye your hair a lot be prepared for hair treatments. I seldom get hair treatments and the last time I dyed my hair I experienced severe hairfall. It was my fault that I didn't go to the salon right away. If you're planning to do DIY hair dyeing, make sure to have it treated in a regular basis. You don't really have to end up like that - if you take proper care of your hair, you can avoid any problems.

That's my goal right now - to make my hair healthy again. It's going to be a bit costly, but this time I'm leaving it to the Salon experts :)



Okay, I finally decided to make this new blog where I would be posting mainly stuff of interest like fashion, tutorials, travel stuff, and occasionally some photographs.

Hmmm but why did I make this blog anyways?

To begin with, Tumblr is, well... Tumblr. I just post everything random there - photos, reblogs, everything! It's nothing really specific. Now, Livejournal is... rants page. LOL. I used to post some tutorials there, too, but I don't really feel that comfortable putting it there. I dunno, maybe cuz they get posted along the... emo shit. (Labels just for fun)

Anyways I'm really excited to start something new and probably something sensible??? Hahahah! Hope everyone would enjoy the stuff that would be posting :)