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29 March 2013

♕ Inkmania ♕

My first ink was done last year in August and I was really happy with it. The meaning was simple - it's me. I've always wanted to get one, and finally that was it!

Often I get asked if it hurts. The pain is actually relative. Believe it or not, but I have very high pain tolerance and physical pain is something that I tend not to mind. I actually liked the feeling of getting inked.

Come March 3rd this year, I decided to get two more.

Why do I want to get inked?

I've always wanted to get a tattoo since I was a child - even if none of my relatives have one; nor did my parents adore it. I just wanted it because I find it very nice and artsy. I used to color my hands with colored markers and pens.

As I grew older, the urge to get ink became more of due to self expression. I found it beautiful and expressive at the same time - and it is something that will define me.

What finally got to get inked?

I convinced my mom. She actually liked tats (now) because they were beautiful but she didn't really like the idea of her own daughter getting one. But then, I'm getting older and getting more independent decisions. When she finally agreed, grab the chance! Yes, Filipinos usually don't just do things especially when your parents say NO! Even if you're 30 years old...

What does the first ink mean?

Starrs. They were a simple representation of me.

And the other ink?

The word Freiheit on my arm is Freedom written in German. The other on my collar is You will live to tell which is a line from Saosin's song. The first one means a lot to me in terms of being free (and recalls all the emo things in my life). The second one is for a forgotten friend.

Do you plan to get more?

Yes, I'm not yet done. Suprise!

My thoughts on ink...

Getting a tattoo is not a joke. It's not something you put on just because you think it's cool. Eventually, what's cool now won't be cool tomorrow. Personally, I'm getting ink because of my feelings. Everything has a meaning - whether it's a word, a star or even the cherry blossoms that decorate the phrase on my collar bone. Reasons vary from one person to another. Aside from being meaningful, I find it beautiful as well.

There is still massive discrimination against tats in the country but the acceptance is becoming larger overtime.  Many people still think of people with ink as bad people, which is really silly. I'm a professional with a decent job and pretty much a decent lifestyle (even if I love booze). I know a lot more who are the same. It's funny how misconceptions occur because of ink - so if you're not into that don't get one.

So that's basically it. I'm just sharing a few thoughts, but then I have more in mind. Maybe next time when I get the new one. I've been searching for new artists and now I have two listed in mind.