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27 April 2013

Breakups and Makeups

Break ups...

My last break up was the worst. I don't want to go into details, but that's just it - the worst. I've been through hell and back and moving on was almost impossible. I felt like my heart has been crushed and my life was over. Yes, it was my most emo. Yes, I will call it the "Emo Era".

Anyways, I have a really bad habit of making myself feel good when I'm really down in the form of spending on myself. A lot. 

Make ups...

Well, he and I never got back together although we now talk casually as friends. Oh gosh, I'm still madly in love with the guy but I know that we just can never ever be. Moving forward, like I've mentioned I spend so much on myself so I'll just be sharing some of the things I've got recently (in the last three months)...

So I practically get hair treatments every two-three weeks, got the color revamped every month or two, and kept it short.

♔ This is actually the 2nd hair color; after the blondie first but it still looks quite brown ♔

♔ My hair now seems more blondie and our General Manager calls me "Blondie" lol ♔

And here's some makeups!

❀ Le Clinique and Estee Lauder makeup stash ❀

❀ Le haul once opened... but doesn't include unused ones yet... O.o ❀

❀ By far one of my most favorite plumping glosses ❀

Two weeks ago, I spent some on this new Korean brand Hayan. The makeup so far is good, and the snail serum too. I probably would be posting about it when I make reviews.

So just some personally thingies O_o

09 April 2013

♕ Eyelash Extensions : Get Lashed ♕


That was my best friend's initial reaction when I told her that I had eyelash extensions done about two weeks ago. Tiis-ganda is a slang Filipino phrase which literally translates endure/suffer-beauty. It simply means to endure something in order to be beautiful (and this phrase is also commonly associated with wearing high heels or stilettos cuz it obviously kills one's feet but hey, it makes you sexy!) Hmm.. I think this is all worth it though :)

Well, about a month ago I was given these purtee gift cards for Get Lashed! They're worth 500 each and I got them for the price of one. However, I didn't know that I could only use one card per transaction  do basically I paid for it all.... errrr....

Anyways, before it expired I dropped by Get Lashed! Alabang which is located at 2/F Molito Mall in Madrigal. They also have a branch in Ortigas but I'm not familiar with it. Okay, so at first I had a problem with it because I searched them online and found out that I had to make an appointment. Silly me, of course I didn't know cuz it was my first time!  So I ended up messaging them but there was no response and I reckon it was because of the holidays. Then I found their FB Page and decided to drop them a message there instead. They were so nice that they responded so on the last Saturday of March I went to their salon.

As you can see, I have very thin eyelashes. They are naturally curled but they are very thin. So this is what I look like with no mascara on. Err my eyes look puffy! 

Alright! So it's finally time to close my eyes... Yesh as the procedure began, I had to keep my eyes constantly closed. I really couldn't open them at all and I'm not allowed to. I also fell asleep on some points and I guess it's normal. I decided to get the thickest option so the procedure lasted two hours. Thankfully they have a comfy bed!

 Voila! Instant eyelashes :) 

After two hours finally it was done and I was really happy! I wasn't allowed to get it wet for the next 12 hours. Also, my eyes cannot be rubbed and oil based makeup are a big no-no.

No regrets though, it was fun! It's just hard at first especially when it's your first time because you'll have to be mindful of your habits like when drying your face, rubbing the eye area, washing your face and all those usual routines. I also found out that it's a bit hard to go on swimming because you won't be able to wipe your face normally after getting out of the water.

Aside from that, those were the only things I had challenges with but overall I'm pretty fine. I was so fine that I actually bought discount coupons cuz I'm really looking forward to get extensions again after summer. I have my falsies ready though (will be blogged separately).


You have five choices to choose from on how thick you want your extensions to be. You can also choose if the lash length would be small or medium. I only had small extensions and they're already long. Their price list is as follows:

You can visit their FB page here and view the updated contact details too.

Okay that's it for now, I will be updating more probably this coming weekend. As always I am busy but hey, I never forget to update my stash! 

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