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24 July 2013

☸ Sick Sick Moi ☸

*sniff sniff*

I haven't been feeling well since last week, and unfortunately I was feeling really awful since Monday. Well, I was out of the office for three days now and I feel like (as I previously described) soaked tissue.

I don't really like being sick. I already had the feeling that it was boiling to this. It happens every year that my body sort of gives in to all the work and personal abuse that I do to it. Afterall, stress is my daily main course.

Now I think I have so much work at the office, so many things left undone and so many bad things to deal with. I don't like this feeling.

Don't you feel that sometimes, with a blink of an eye or probably a magic word, everything would just change?

Oh well, I hope that I get better soon. I haven't worn makeup in three days now too. I feel bare!

Hmm.. smile!

01 July 2013

♕ Review : Majolica Majorca Auto Liner ♕


This is one of the most essential products that I use on a daily basis. For years, I have tried many different brands and honestly, it's very hard to find one that suits me. For one, I have small eyelids (though I am don't have monolids). Putting on makeup and liners normally smudge and/or crease in a matter of hours. I have tried waterproof liners, gel liners and the like.

One evening, during my feel-good shopping, I went into Watson's and grabbed a Maybelline Gel Liner and of course, visited the Majo-majo stall. As usual I was looking around and thought of trying their Auto Liner. I've always wanted to buy one but since I have so many other makeup, I though I will do so next time. Well, I wanted to feel good so yeah, there I got it!

So I grabbed one, BL603, which has a bluish tint.

I super love it!!! Here are the reasons why:

Never smudges, ever!

Very easy to apply

I have epic control of the shape that I want

The tip is fine, and I can opt to make fine lines or thick lines


Lasts the whole day

What I mentioned above sounds like the typical selling point of any waterproof eyeliner but the, I have tested it more when I went to the beach. We love photos don't we? So even the photographer wants a solo shot too!

After swimming, partying and all that, it stays put! 

I swam and had a shoot, still there!

Eyes: Lancome Eyeshadow Duo, Majolica Majorca Auto Liner (blue); Eyebrows: Hayan Brow Liner; Face: Etude House Magic BB Cream

Hours of partying, still there!

Face: Etude House Magic BB Cream, Wet n' Wild Blush; Eyes: Hayan Brow Liner, Lancome Eyeshadow Duo, Forever 21 Eyeshadow Quad, Majolica Majorca Autoliner; Lips: Victoria's Secret Pump Lip Gloss

So basically the price is totally worth it

If you want long lasting eyeliners, then this is definitely the catch. You can have it for only 695php! It may sound sort of expensive, but it will last longer than usual.

I have it for a while and use it on a daily basis.