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20 December 2014

❋ Travel : Touchdown Baguio + Keeping Calm ❋

Traveling means patience. One thing I've learned while traveling is being patient at all costs - and of course keeping calm ^_^ 

I'm not a really constant traveler who is always on the go for a very long span of time. This year is the most I've traveled in an annual basis which is an average of once every 1.5 months. However, I've already learned many things and have adapted several routines. Today I teach my brother to KEEP CALM.

Touch down Baguio

The trip from Cavite City to Baguio City was nine long hours. I'm glad that Saulog buses are actually spacious, although the seats aren't very wide like deluxe ones that other liners offer. I'd say still good enough especially for a price of 515php/pax. We left at exactly 0430am and arrived at 0130pm at SM Baguio. It was one long ride but it was fun. I slept, ate, took photos, slept and took more photos. Typically Kimi.

However, it's not my brother's thing. Bobby isn't a traveler and in fact, this is his first really far trip... after Angeles City. We've only gone to a few places and prior Angeles, farthest we've gone is in Laguna. Not to mention that the former was also his first overnight out-of-town trip. With that being said, he has a lot of things to learn. Unlike me, he doesn't have the urge to leave every now and then. Yet, travel teaches a lot in life - that I come to appreciate now.

Look who's with us!!

It's Knarly!!

15 December 2014

✿ Update : The Sweet (Pink) Life + Paypal & Debit/Credit Card Dilemma ✿

Oh hai Lovelies!!

Mmmm it's been another long while and I'm quite sad that I haven't posted the stuff I was hoping to put up. Schedules were set for both the blogs and the videos but some stuff came up (aside from the storm and had to prepare for it).

Anyways, will be updating before Christmas after we get back from Baguio. Quite excited, ironically after traveling around (and at this age), I still have never been there!! Yay so I have to admit I am excited!! ^_^

All Pink ;)

I have two concerns today - I'll start with the good one LOL

The Pink Brigade

04 December 2014

✿ Update : Typhoon Hagupit; Local Ruby Part II ✿

Hey lovelies! How's your weather now?

Since I've been constantly putting up weather updates, I've decided not to flood my blog about it and put up one entry in my website for everyone's viewing. I will be updating at least twice a day or more, if there will be new information.

Source : Joint Typhoon Watch Center

For suggestions, questions or anything else: 

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03 December 2014

✿ Update : Latest Info on Typhoon Hagupit; Local Ruby Part I ✿

Hello lovelies!

I've been working on several stuff at the moment and missed my update last week, same for my video. SAD!! Anyways, right now there's a super typhoon that's heading the Philippines. As usual, I play weatherman especially on Facebook, trying to share whatever info that I can.

In the mean time, here's the latest map that I was able to download.

Source: US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center as of 1343 hrs of 04 DEC 2014.

More details:


Everyone stay safe, take precautions, evacuate and take care!

For suggestions, questions or anything else: 

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24 November 2014

❋ Travel : Bro-Sis Bonding in Angeles ❋

Oh hai lovelies!
It was a really brief yet extra tiring weekend for me since I do most of my work on Saturdays on Sundays.

Last week, prior my actual birthday (oh yay it was my buuurday), my brother and I went to Angeles City, Pampanga... well just because I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday. I haven't really gone to much places with Bobby, initially because he wasn't keen on travelling like me. Another fact is that this homeboy is seven years younger and not outgoing as I am, so I suppose that explains it all.

Now my little boy is no longer really little (never really was, actually) I've set up plans to bring him to some nice spots in the country prior my relocation. We've already gone to several places before but mostly in Manila and Laguna, which isn't really the type of thing I could call travelling. I suppose I'll talk about it some other time ^_^

The Road to Central Luzon

After checking with people from Cavite City, I figured out that travel time wasn't too long if we would leave early in the morning. However, arriving too early also means we have nothing to do at all especially since out check in at the hotel was at noon.

Bob and I went to the Saulog Bus Terminal at about 0600hrs but only then did we find out that their trips to Baguio were now only limited to two per day. Not long ago they used to be available until 0830. I was told by the driver and bus conductor that we can take the trips to Baguio from Avenida where they are currently stationed in Manila. The fare to this stop costed us 58php each. Please note that Cavite City to Manila buses don't all have a final stop in Avenida or Lawton since it's always subject to change. Upon reaching the Avenida station, we took the trip to Baguio through Genesis Bus Lines and paid 139php each.

Hello Paradise Ranch

Upon arriving in Dau Exit, Pampanga we took a tricycle ride to the hotel I booked. We dropped our stuff at Rumi Inn Apartelle which I paid a very cheap discounted rate through Agoda. I got the same tricycle to take us to the jeepney stations that will drive us to the Paradise Ranch.

21 November 2014

♕ Hair : Purple and Blue Ombre Trial w/ Manic Panic Panic & Punky Colour ♕

Hello lovelies! Do you likey likey my hair?  

Alrightie, so this is my current hair! It's my first time to do some ombre on my own, not to mention that it's also a two-toned one. Hmmm have you heard of balayage? I'm not sure if I can say that my hair is like that at the moment, trying to look natural and all - but the colors aren't really... natural. O.o well at least, I meant the way I've applied the colors. LOL.

So this won't be a tutorial because it's basically my first time to do an ombre. Obviously I've learned the do's and don'ts and could-be-better's in doing it myself.

Check out my video!

So lovelies, here's what I did to get this hair.

As usual I started off with platinum blonde hair. This way I was able to achieve the actual colors.

✿ Update : Pinkie Crashed! ✿

Hey lovelies!

So last week my dear Pinkie the Lappy has gone through some serious surgery. Apparently the hard drive crashed and I thought I was going to lose all my files! Yes I almost died, and that's one reason I'm a few days behind my planned schedule.

Oh please forgive meeee!!

Pinkie is home! <3

17 November 2014

❋ Travel : Strolling Alone in Cebu ❋

2013 wasn't really such a pleasant year for me. I had so many challenges in life - both personal and professional. It was hard to deal with, I made wrong choices that got me ending up with bad results. When 2014 came, I made an oath to myself that this year things will change.

I started off by travelling. I usually go around places but then I thought it would be a good year to actually visit more spots than my usual summer vacation. On the 8th of January, which is my mom's birthday, I took a plane later that evening and went to Cebu.

My first trip to this beautiful city was back in December 2013 when I joined my previous company's relief operation for the affected crew members due to Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Bagyong Yolanda. The place felt so welcoming so I decided that I had to go back and stay a bit longer so I could go around.

I left Manila totally unprepared and uncertain of what awaits for me. I almost missed my flight since I still had to drop by the office to do some work that I really wish I didn't have to, but then I still did anyways. Five minutes before the counter closed I was able to checkin and yay!! When I arrived at the Mactan Airport, I took a van to Cebu City that costed me about 250php since I joined a group of several other people. If I was alone, I would've paid about 750 - 1200php.

I stayed over Harold's Hotel where my friend, Fe, was staying for business. We worked in the same company so basically I was crashing in for free! Since she was at the office everyday, I took the mornings off on my own.

05 November 2014

✿ I Must Update... oh yay! ✿

Oh hai Lovelies

OMG! I've been so busy (as usual) and I wasn't able to make any updates last month :( Oh well, so I think I must organize a schedule when I will make entries! Hmm, good way to keep track on my blogging and video making.

I have so many stuff to update, upload and write about sometimes I wish there were more than seven days in a week. But then - I know not everybody would be happy about that.

Anyways, Alex and I celebrated our 4th month together online. I know I still have to wait for a few more months before my move there but it's all worth it. 

My current dilemma now is how to send my favourite clothes there since I have tons and where to get Asian makeup that I like - which apparently is not available in Sephora or other stores. For now my best bet is get mom or some friends to send them to me.

Now I'm still waiting for my delicious cookie gift to arrive in Wisconsin. I purchased some baked goods at Sugar Daddy's to be sent there but unfortunately it wouldn't come on time. Still good though, it should be arriving today. They really have nice packaging although I know's it's expensive for cookies! I purchased to pieces for $13 plus shipping -_- but I don't really mind. Still looks elegant, classy and yummy. Oh lovely gourmet cookies! 

18 October 2014

♕ Skin : The Uneven Tones ♕

Hey lovelies!
Finally life is beginning to go back to normal and I haven't posted anything for a month. Bummer! Oh well, I'm back and here we go ^_^ I was pretty busy since I last wrote an entry. Alexbear arrived by the end of the September and we've been on holiday for two weeks. It's been one week now since he's gone and I miss him so much!!

Anyways, one thing that's been bothering me apart from the fact that I will have to wait a few more months to finally see my fiance again is my skin tone. I have done some massive tanning this year and I just love having my golden brown color. I did notice one thing tho - my face tanned much lesser than the rest of my body. Or at least my arms.

In that regard, it means my face is much lighter than my arms! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! 


For one week, we stayed in El Nido and I did one of the biggest boo-boo's in my existence : not use tanning oil OR at least lotion or sunblock. Since Alex was pale white like snow, I was so eager to show off the powers of my tanned skin and how it can withstand the heat. Defying all scientific knowledge I battled the sun with my bare skin. 

You can obviously see the difference between Alex's arm and my leg. Ooh being beside him makes me look more brown and I love it!

14 September 2014

♕ Review : Punky Colours & Adore Hair Color + Tutorial : Coconut Oil Bleaching ♕

Hello lovelies, that was a long title! Whew! 

Alrightie, so it's been a few days since I have dyed my hair its "final color" but obviously there will be more mix and match experiments to come. To begin with, this is a review and not a tutorial on how I dye my hair, although I will later teach you the "COCONUT OIL" technique. I'm still in the trial-and-error phase in using semi permanent dyes so I really don't have any personal methods at the moment.

Okay so finally (again finaaaally!!) I have received my second batch of hair dye. I'm just really glad that I have discovered a local supplier of wonderful semi permanent colors here in the Philippines.

Many, many, many thanks to FUNKY STREAKS. Jane's really kind and doing business with her is friendly and professional. I'm the kind of person who sticks to a supplier or seller for a very long time and I know I'm gonna to have more transactions with her. Check out their website now at, they offer various brands with lots of color choices and custom packages.

And of course, many thanks for the freebies!! Yay me so happy :3

06 September 2014

❋ Travel : It's Never Too Late ❋

Let's travel the world before it's too late!

When is too late?

Traveling around the world seems to have become a fashion. Or maybe I just started discovering the articles about it, I don't really know.

As a child, I always used to be by the beach with my family - back when it was still clean and people haven't turned the coasts into instant slum areas yet. I've started traveling out of town when I was about ten - joining some church folks on summer getaways was how it all began.

The beach is my life. I've always loved taking photographs and going to the sea. I don't know but I am in love with the water and it's something that makes me completely happy. Perhaps it's because I grew up so close to the ocean.

Now, I come across articles about the best places - cool hotspots; awesome islands; amazing treks; beautiful mountains and everything else in between. It's pretty much like my own stories. Then there goes the articles about 'travel while you can'. Normally, they advocate young people to travel before starting a family and all. I believe that's an awesome idea, too. It's a good way to enjoy life, learn things, discover more about the world and most importantly, see the value of humanity in every corner of the globe if not most.

Can we only travel while we're young?

03 September 2014

✿ Video : Introduction to! ✿

Oh  hai Lovelies!

It's already halfway towards the end of the week and I feel like I haven't accomplished much in my writing job - which means cramming over the weekend!! Nyaaaaar O_o

Have you had those days when you feel creative but you have to do something else? Happens to me all the time like right now. Well, well... I'll just be sharing you now my (technically) first video for my Official Youtube channel ^_^

30 August 2014

♕ Review : Manic Panic Pink Cadillac & Punky Colour Turquoise ♕

Hello Lovelies!

It's a beautiful day and another busy weekend for me to catch up for work and all. Since our company portal was under maintenance yesterday, I've started writing this to share to you lovelies first. This is just a review and not a tutorial (yet).

I've always loved dyeing my hair for various reasons. I first had my hair done when I was 11 and yeah I know many of you would disagree with that practice which was damaging my hair at such a young age.  So just a foreword -  it is true that hair color can be damaging if incorrectly done but if you continuously care for your locks, then it's okay. Also I've been told that it's the reason why my hair is thin. Uhm, not true. My hair is not thin and I have no balding spots. Everything about my hair is hereditary - the bald part on the sides of my hair line is not a bald part, it's called a "widows peak" which is more proinent in men. Also my hair strands are naturally thin - it runs through my mom's bloodline. I'm not encouraging young kids to do this though, every hair type differs so the neutral effects on me might most likely be different to others.

21 August 2014

♕ Review : Nyx Face Concealer & Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder ♕

Hello lovelies! So I did mention I was gonna make a review... and after ten thousand years yay!! Finally!

I've been using the Nyx Full Coverage Concealer and Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder for more than two weeks and now so far I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

As we walked towards Etude House, I bumped into a small stall and voila! It's Dolly Wink! Since I was already planning to get a new eyebrow pencil I thought it was worth a try. I've never really used powder on my eyebrows because they're very thin so using a tattoo pen or pencil is more advisable. However when I tried the tester I was impressed. I knew that this brand is really good with a lot of positive review so okay, my turn to make one! I chose this color because I was going to dye my hair blonde (and pink and other colors which will be blogged soon). They have three shades to choose from and I took Chocolate Brown because my hair is ever changing and I know I won't be light haired forever lol. I might actually also get the lighter one but I'll see if there's a need.

18 August 2014

♕ Makeup : Makeup Shopping Day ♕

Two weeks ago, some girlfriends and I decided to have a special day dedicated solely to buying makeup. Yep, we called it the Makeup Shopping Day.  Apparently plans changed so only Eca and I went to MoA.

Aside from our awesome love of anime, Eca and I also share our passion for Japanese food and culture. Well, today this is the closest we can get at the moment - Sakae Sushi time!

02 August 2014

✿ Party Party Fotos ✿

I love parties! And I also love photography!

Put them together then you'll have Kimi Starr covering your events!! Nyar nyaaarr!!

Events & Fashion Photography

I've been covering events for the past two years although I haven't done much since I have a full time job. Now I'm working full time again but I have flexible schedules since I'm working from home. I plan to take up more projects at the same I also want to photograph new models.

My latest shoot was last week for Whayne's 18th Debut Party ^_^

Not yet done post processing but here's a sneak peak of pretty Whayne.

22 July 2014

❤ A Long Distance Love Affair... and Career ❤

A love far far away...

and the White Knight comes to save his Magical Princess.

Not long ago, I made a good friend online and he was simply adorable and lovable. He was a good confidant and listened to my crazy stories and heartaches. He had a kind heart and a genuine personality. He was just amazing. It wasn't instant love for me, although I did feel that weird feeling when I talked to him but I was quite confused at that time.

To cut it short, the Magical Princess was not sure how her world will go - battling her eternal hatred towards love and bitter beliefs... until one day it all changed.

My Alex Bear

Maybe it's crazy, falling in love with someone who lives literally halfway across the world. I seriously couldn't believe that I've tried this kind of relationship but I know it's all worth it. I'm really excited for him to come here and let's see how our plans will turn out!
Alex Bear's Kawaii Gift!!
A knitted kitty beanie... so happy :3

30 June 2014

♕ Makeup : Natural Tones ♕

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I lasted talked about makeup and stuff. Traveling was so much fun! I'm really looking forward to my next trips although I've cancelled my plans to go to Malaysia next month. I will be visiting some local spots in the mean time.

Summer's already over but it's still so hot! With that being said, I'm keeping the summer look for an extended while before I revert to my rainy days dark makeup. Summer's all about light makeup and the natural tones. You go to the beach, sweat a lot - smudging eyes and smearing mascara is the least that you would want to worry about! It may be raining a bit now, but I still don't see the need to have unwanted raccoon eyes unless it was actually part of my do.

 So what's your magic potion? 

What's your usual cocktail when going out under the scorching heat of the sun? Or maybe it's raining but then the humidity's just to unbearable that drops of sweat still fall down your forehead?

I'm currently sticking to my current routine. I did my best to get really tanned this summer which succeeded. This also meant changing some makeup that will suit my golden skin color but I made a bit of mistakes on that part. I will be discussing that on my next entry.

Focusing on eye makeup and lips, I've decided to use brown pallets all this time.

16 June 2014

❋ Travel : A Look Back - Typhoon Haiyan ❋

On the 8th of November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (local: Yolanda) has devastated Central Philippines and have left thousands dead, missing and displaced from their homes. It is the one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded and the strongest one to ever make landfall. It is the deadliest storm that has ever hit the Philippines which was also remembered for the storm surge that it brought along the coasts especially in the Province of Leyte, measuring up to 5-6 meters (roughly around 20 ft) high.

While this was happening, much of the Northern Philippines was unaware of the storm's wrath down south. I remember that my mom asked me to go home that Friday evening and I told her the storm wasn't strong at all. I was in Makati and decided to party with my friends. We hopped from one club to another and the strong wind was cool and that was it. No rain, no thunder, no nothing.

The next morning, everyone was shocked of the ruins that it has caused. Many people were caught unprepared.

Relief operations were instantly initiated to help those in need and many countries rushed to our aid. It has become very controversial as the assistance provided was clouded by corruption and greed by local officials. Many countries were disappointed of their actions and many people were left starving in the streets with no house and soaked by the occasional thunder storms that still pass during that season. Many people and companies also donated money and goods through major NGO's but many of these weren't able to reach certain people due to location constraints or local officials making it hard.

One month after the tragedy, my previous company, Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc. have decided to extend their assistance by personally sending in our staff to our crews' locations and deliver the goods to their homes. The Maersk Cares Relief Operation was put into action. Several teams were formed to go to certain provinces such as Bohol, Cebu, and Leyte. On 19 December 2013 Team Cebu/Leyte flew to Cebu City to initiate the operation in that area in which I was part of the team for documentation and assisting our team lead.

Personalized letters were made for our crew to let them know that we do care. Many had the idea that the company didn't do anything since our donations were given to an NGO and of course, they didn't really get to reach every affected family.

19 May 2014

❋ Travel : The Southeast Asian Traveler's Dilemma ❋

Two years ago, I won tickets to England and have managed to convince the travel agency who awarded them to allow me to have my return flight from Paris. I was the happiest girl that Christmas when I heard my  name called out to claim the tickets, I was finally going to Europe!! I know that the beach has always been my first love - it's the one paradise that I can never let go. Europe, on the other hand, is my dream land.

Completely excited, I was looking for the perfect travel buddy to come with me until I've finally decided that it was my Ate Shiela who was tagging along. At that time, we both worked in the same company and we were also in the same team. My previous job required so much time more than normal eight-hour shift. As we planned our trip and initiated to apply for our UK and Schengen Visa's - we lost so much time doing our office work that we weren't able to launch it at all.

To cut the story short, we weren't able to use the tickets. It was one of the opportunities that I had to let go, but then I thought I'd get to Europe some other time and I'm pretty sure. It was still a missed chance, I felt bad about it for quite a while


Ate Shiela's Spanish Schengen Visa. Her visa was applied for business purposes. It is much easier to get a visa for a business trip especially when you are guaranteed by a multi-national company. Info and pictured blurred for confidentiality purposes.

17 May 2014

✿ Figuring Out How To Get My Photos Back ✿


Okay, I know that I shouldn't have just deleted the folder in Google+ but I still feel sad, huhu! How do I get my photos back? *sigh*

So now I have this mild grudge against Google+ and I don't want to open my account there anymore, forever! But of course, that's inevitable. I suppose that for now I will just move forward until I figure it out how to get those pictures back. I've already emailed Google if they can assist me but they haven't replied yet.

In the mean time, I will be making big time updates within the whole upcoming week!

15 May 2014

✿ Photos Gone! Waaa Sad! ✿

Waaaa Google+ whyyyy!??

Alright so I don't really use Google+ but just syndicate posts there automatically until one of my friends posted a photosphere from our trip to Bali. While checking out my own profile I removed one Album because I didn't want it shared there...

it turns out that the album is the same album linked to this blog!

Errr I feel quite awful right now because it affected several old posts so I guess I will have to edit those ones to put up some pictures. But I remember that's around a hundred photos.

Anyways, oh well... OH WELL! Why Google+ must you share everything??

05 May 2014

☸ Time Doesn't Seem to Fly ☸

It's been two months since I quit my job and I really haven't done anything since but travel around or stay at home, do house chores, take photographs, blog, party and hang out with friends. The one thing I noticed is that time feels long in a positive way.

On our way to Makati yesterday I was wondering when was the last time I saw some friends and it felt like forever! I checked my calendar and realized that it's only been three weeks! It feels so long ago, I just really miss my friends so much. I have been missing in the party scene for two months so I was really glad to see them last Saturday even if some people weren't there. I haven't met up with other people, some have already left the country but I am also leaving tonight so I hope to get to have dinner with them when I get back. So much for having so many amazing friends!

Anyways it's good to finally spend some time with my best friend Fe and party after that at Prive with my Couch Surfing loves

Awesome night at Prive

Til the next party!

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