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23 February 2014

❋ Travel 2013 : Boracay ❋

If there's one place that I love going back to, it's Boracay 

I first came to Boracay in 2011 with my friends in a group of around 12 to 15 people. I was still young, inexperienced in travelling and well, didn't really know how to go about it. It was a fun experience though, and I did love how tanned I was.

Here are a few photos that I took using my friend's Canon SLR.

It was also the time I realized that I found Canon hard to use (for me, not in general). That was when I decided for myself that I will definitely be using a Nikon SLR ;) 

My latest trip to Boracay was June 2013, and I will be returning there on April this year. I went there with my two girl friends Mae and Dhess. It was really fun to travel in a small group. It's actually much easier to have fun when there's not much of you travelling together because you can easily decide on what to do and what not. It was also my first time to travel in a small group.

Mae Mae and me waiting... apparently Dhess missed her flight so we had to arrange her pickup because she was arriving a four hours later!
Food Tripping!

I was sort of in a strict diet but I was definitely not holding back while we were there! On the way to Boracay, we were given these tour guide books and it was really helpful because it does say the best places to go to, and it is up to date. We were able to go to restaurants that I didn't know exists before, or weren't actually there a few years back. Then we also heard about this place called Real Coffee where you can find their all original Calamansi Muffin! We did go there and yes it was awesome! The owner of the cafe was also very friendly.

The travel guide booklet that you get at the tourism area when you reach Caticlan

Calamansi muffin!!
We hit on many buffet spots and cheap finds and it was good! I recommend trying out the restaurants near the seashore and not further back because they always have the best to offer. Come to think of it, it's relatively a bit pricier but I would say it's worth it.

Margaritas are my drug ♥

Nom nom noms and more nom nom noms!

Hair getting done...

Mine done!

Island Hopping!

Hmm.. I think it's the one activity that usually gets done all the time whenever I go somewhere. Anyways, I've gone island hopping before but it was Dhess' first time in Boracay so it's worth another shot. Of course we went to Puka beach and it was still fine as before.


Boracay Pubcrawl. It's one crazy experience! We met a lot of new friends and the founder of Pubcrawl himself, Oli - whom I met again here in Manila with my friends. Apparently he knows some people from Couch Surfing (whom I am recently involved in); so I was able to see him again here.

It's one of the best highlights in Boracay. In fact, it's the one that I won't forget. I'm the nicest, sweetest girl that you would meet but well, I also love to party. So bring it on! ^_^ For a small amount of 650php (it was discounted at that time), you will meet new friends from different places and countries; get free shots and hop on five different bars. Hmm I don't really have photos from it since I was sooooo... boozed. Anyways, it's a must try if you're a party seeker!

Okay, now here are some of our shots taken there. 

For more photos, check out my other sites. You can also schedule your photo shoots with me for events and portfolio needs.

18 February 2014

❋ Travel Time ❋

Okay, I am now on the last days of work and I am so excited!! After this I will be heading off to Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte to meet some friends who are already there.

Before all that I will be updating a lot of entries regarding my travel from last year! Perhaps I can also have some reviews done :)

That's all for now! Weekend here I come!

16 February 2014

☸ Hello 2014! ☸

Oh hey there! I know it's pretty late for a New Year greeting as my whole world went upside down in the recent things that's been going on with me. I have been completely outdated in everything for a long while!!

2014 will definitely be a year of change for me! I am in the process of changing some things to make my life the way I want it to be and finally turn my direction to the path where I plan to actually go. I have always been bound by so many things that I cannot really do or accomplish what I want. I think everyone goes through that situation some time in their lives, and now it's actually up to us on how we will make the change happen.


Last year was pretty devastating for me in many areas of my life - which includes breaking apart in terms of falling in love. I know that many opportunities and good things have also happened, but I was almost completely torn because of my not-very-smart choices. To sum it all up, there are many things that I have learned about love and it seems like it's a bit later than I thought!

This year - I wouldn't really focus on getting serious on relationships. I have so much more to do in life than sulking and getting sad. I won't lose myself again, so I believe that this is best. I have a different perspective in the way I see things and my approach on relationships didn't really change that much. It's just that right now, I will not fall in love. In time, perhaps I will but no more blind decisions just because I love someone. It's not really that bad to make such a choice. Many people tell me that falling in love is a good thing. Not that I'm bitter but rather let's just say that I have to focus on the more important things ^_^


Finally! A change in my career is taking place. For three years I have worked in a company doing a job that I didn't really like. It wasn't really bad, in fact I have learned so many things while there and I am also very grateful for all the opportunities that I have had; but sometimes you know when it's time to go, don't you? This time, I have had too much already.

This year - I have resigned and my last day will be this coming Friday. I don't have a replacement job yet but I am already looking forward to finding one. At the mean time, this also means that I will have more time to focus on my photography, take some seminars (which my mom always says, I'm glad she supports that!) and other freelance projects that I will be offered or find. It's not as much income as I get from working in a company which is one reason that I should find a stable job. This job doesn't mean something that would take much time. I need to do what I love to do which is take photos! I am now taking this chance to do what I want, do something that isn't too hard for me but earn good money, and learn more in life!

Travel and New Friends. 

I love to travel, that's pretty obvious. Last year I grabbed every opportunity to go certain places. I met a lot of people and been to old and new places and kept discovering things! I have also met many new friends that I will treasure forever. It's amazing what travelling can do, and what new friends can teach.

This year - so far I have only been to Cebu last January but it's a long year ahead. I'm pretty sure I will be in more places than I expect. I have a new circle of friends that I can now also consider my new family. I'm very looking forward into going to new places with them too!

It's a new endeavour in life and I am very excited on what will happen next! I also promise to keep everyone posted :)