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11 March 2014

❋ Travel : Morning Sun ❋

Sitting on a wooden bench by our hut, listening to the ocean waves and breathing in the cool sea breeze. It's such a wonderful morning and it feels awesome.

I arrived in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte a few days and will probably be staying for a week or so with my good friends Bilee and Christy. So far the experience is wonderful and I have met some good people. Our experiences are quite funny, I think it got crazier when I arrived ha ha!

We are currently staying at Casa Teresita, which is quite far from Saud Beach (which is the nice place to be). On my first night, we decided to go there for a few drinks while I was craving the delicious French Toast from Evangeline's. Apparently, Saud is quite too far but no cars were passing by so we had to walk all the way. The trip took roughly around an hour and a half and it was really funny! First, the road was pitch black dark and we used Bilee's phone as a torch light. We kept walking, hoping to reach the next landmark but it took us ages! On our way, the series of unfortunate events took place - almost got chased by dogs, got a bit drenched in the rain and so on. Finally, we arrived in Saud to find Evangeline's closed! No more French Toast huhuhu!!

Good thing, we were still able to order some beers. The staff of Evangeline's Restaurant are very nice and amiable, they even shared their dinner with us. Such poor children, the three little girls from Manila. They are very nice and accommodating, I love them to bits!

The next few days, we were just chilling by the beach with some Buko juice while I'm doing my best to get tanned. The tanning oil works just fine but I don't really see that much difference in my color yet. I do hope to be brown by the time I come back to Manila/Cavite.

I will be posting more stuff soon and some photos as well. I have plans to see the windmills and the sites where they are being installed. Hopefully I get to do the tour so I suppose we will wait for some other people to arrive. In the mean time, updates are constant in my Instagram, check it out and follow! :)

07 March 2014

❋ Travel : Northbound ❋

Finally!! I have been planning to go to the Ilocos region for quite some time now and well, I'm now finally going to push through.

I will be meeting some friends in Pagudpod on Sunday and will be travelling by bus. Yes, by land!! Alone!! I'm quite excited because I haven't gone this far on my own yet by getting on a bus with the high chances of getting lost haha •﹏• but it is such an exciting adventure that I am looking forward to. I have always wanted to do this alone, and have tried doing so when I went to Cebu (will be blogged soon) but I got there by plane.

Yesterday I went with my mom to get some of her things done and get my baby piggy some food. We then ended up doing some summer shopping and I'm glad, thanks mom!

This is Creshy who deserves some foodie spree!

Will be updating more tomorrow! Yay it's gonna be a 12 hour trip lezz see what happens lol ^O^

05 March 2014

✶ Art Update : Paintings! ✶


Last night, I met up with my lovely friends and had a nice dinner at Little Tokyo and later on met another friend and had some wine at Cafe Curieux. The wine definitely inspired me to be creative and I don't know why. I suppose I should also do a review of these places, don't you think?? ^_^

Anyways, I woke up this morning with the great urge to paint something. In fact, I have been feeling that since I got home last night but I was too sleepy. Apparently red wine gets me really sleepy. After lunch, I couldn't find my paint brushes so I rushed to the nearest bookstore and got myself some stuff and started painting.

Okay, now it's a different seat of gear from my usual gadgets.

 Voila! My creation 

Images from my Instagram

Hahahaha! Yeah, yeah I know that I'm not good in painting at all but I ought to learn while I'm on vacation. Besides I'm technically on a long holiday. 

One thing about me though is I opt to paint surreal things. I always loved Picasso and Van Gogh's works. Hmm, maybe I can work on similar stuff on day too! ^_^