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15 April 2014

❋ Travel : Fully Booked! ❋

Halfway into 2014 and things just keep getting better! I'm really happy with how well everything is going and I want to keep it up like that. What have I been doing? No plans!

I know that it is always said that we better plan our future to make sure that we secure whatever it is that we want and to ensure that we are ready for whatever lies ahead. It's something everyone knows, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a general fact. I've always said that what applies to one person doesn't mean it will also work for the other. When this year began, I have said many times that I will be changing things - that includes not really planning anything at all, to avoid expectations and lessen disappointments.

It sounds very carefree, I know! That's the great thing about my adventure. The future is a great mystery, I want to deal with it when I'm there and not worry that much anymore. I have learned to appreciate life as it is and be happy with how things will unfold. It doesn't mean though that I am running away from responsibilities.

Okay, moving forward!!

Boracay, Philippines | Photo source:

Next week, I will be in Boracay again with two other friends. I'm really excited even if I've been there several times before. I love the beach, and this island is one of my favourite places in the world. I've seen many beaches in the country but personally, nothing compares. It's the beauty of nature mixed with the crazy night life and parties that make it entirely awesome.

I can never get enough of the white sand, the lovely sun, the beautiful waters and never to forget the great people. I will also be seeing some friends who are currently staying there.

Further down south!

Bali, Indonesia | Photo source :

Unexpectedly, my travel plans have taken a sudden change overnight. I was supposed to be back in Boracay on May with another friend but it was decided that we go somewhere else. In a matter of a few hours, it's been finalized that we are going to Bali, Indonesia instead.

Can you see the grin on my face??? It's like that!! Up there, like that!

I was seriously not expecting to make such changes and I'm completely not prepared for that. But hey, after all, I did say...
Let's go to places with no plans, no preparations, and with no idea what to do. It's a new year - let's make a good start! Meet more new people and hang out with old friends. Don't fall in love, but love everyone instead. It's time to get rid of everything that makes me miserable and explore something different and go out of my comfort zone.

Traveling outside the Philippines has always been on my mind. I want to travel the world, go to places that may not be completely different from home but far away from where I come from. I have gone to Singapore, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong - but the latter were more of business trips rather than having a holiday. I want to see more of Asia and of course, I want to go to Europe.

Let's take it one step at a time...

I'm very glad to have these opportunities. It eats a lot of cash though, traveling from one point to another also means blowing up a lot and it sometimes hurts my pocket. I don't have regrets, and I will find ways to get me going! A friend just told me earlier this evening, you can replenish cash but you can't bring back time.

Let's all live life to the fullest while we can and do what we love best.

"Living life to the fullest" is a subjective phrase - it all varies depending on who said it. It is my passion to appreciate the beauty of things around me, to capture them in timeless portraits and to go places. I'm doing it now. I will do it for as long as I can.

Bali, I will see you in a few weeks and Boracay, I will see you in seven days 

03 April 2014

❋ Travel : Onboard Eleonora Maersk ❋

One of my travels last year comprised of my vessel familiarity tour onboard the Danish ship Eleonora Maersk. It was part of our company's program for all their employees involved in manning their ships. The E-Class vessels used to be the world's largest container ships before Maersk's Triple-E Class was released. The E-Class vessels include Emma Mærsk (2006), Estelle Mærsk (2006), Eleonora Mærsk (2007), Evelyn Mærsk (2007), Ebba Mærsk (2007), Elly Mærsk (2007), Edith Mærsk (2007) and Eugen Mærsk (2008). It has been such a pleasure to be onboard that ship!

The crew comprised of Danish, Filipino and Indian officers, Filipino ratings crew and Thai repairmen. I would say that it's one of the happiest and most fun tour that was ever made!

 I was travelling along with one of my colleagues, Daren. We got into the company only fifteen days apart so it was cool.

This was our itinerary. We would fly to Singapore, get on the ship and sail to Yantian, China and Hong Kong. From there we are flying home to Manila.
We took off on October 17, 2013 heading to Singapore and we were one day in advance so we can go around the city. There has been a lot of changes already since I first went there in 2007. Five years has been a long time!

This is me and my friend, Daren. I love travellators lol.
Singapore is a very nice city and it's population comprises mostly of Chinese and Indian people. Malaysians usually work in Singapore even if they live in Malaysia. There are also a lot of tourists, Asian immigrants and European/American expatriates. This time, I didn't bother taking the public transport since we were short of time. We were usually taking the cab to go around and occasionally walking around sight seeing.

We decided to go to China Town instead of the malls (since there are malls everywhere anyways) and have observed one thing - apparently not all people in SG can speak English! As we walked into the outer streets of China Town and asked for directions, we encountered many people who only spoke Chinese.

The lifestyle in Singapore for most people is the same as any major city, I suppose. I find it very similar to Makati except for one thing - it is very expensive!! It's most notable in buying cigarettes which is 12 SGD, equivalent to roughly around 350-400 PHP. Compared to local PH prices, everything tends to be much pricier which is why I don't really do much shopping here. However, this time I did shop loads of pasalubong and food stuff.

That evening, we went out to meet one of our friends from the companies we work with, Terence. He was such a nice guy and he brought us to two bars to have a few drinks, play some pool and dance at Clark Quay.

Our friend, Terence - trying to test my amazing failing skills in pool!

One shot, Daren? She doesn't really drink liquor

Good morning with a bit of party hangover (-_-)

Breakfast... and unlimited bacon!

The next day, we finally went to meet the majestic ship!!

We were welcomed by a very jolly master, Capt. Hans Helgi Strøm. The crew were very fun to be with and were all accommodating. Our experience was just way amazing, because it didn't feel too business-like but more like fun and friendly! Lina, an Australian girl also working for Maersk, also joined the trip so the three of us were their very special guests.

Everyday, we were able to do something different. Third Officer Wiberg gave us a tour of the whole ship while Chief Steward Jan let us play with the galley and even cook! All the officers taught us what they do from plotting, to the engines and the deck. I'm so honored that Capt. Helgi made me his deck cadet and helped in stirring the ship (of course, with great supervision from AB Robante and the captain himself), fetched the Pilot from the lift, and gave them coffee!

It was also a milestone as we witnessed the replacement of one of the ship's pistons - the first one to be ever replaced and not to mention the biggest piston! The E-Class has the world's biggest engines!!

Oh gosh! I just realized there were some photos that I wasn't able to upload! Must upload in FB later 

Singapore Port

The coolest Captain... Helgi!

And of course, the nicest Chief Engineer with our Australian mate, Lina.

Me and Junior Engineer Thomas won fussball!!
Source: Instagram

Boys' turn!
Source: Instagram

Yep, we also checked out and helped with the engines

...and I helped clean the pistons!!

On Wednesday night, it was girls' night so we had the honors to cook for the whole crew! I made adobo for them and Lina baked some banana bread. Daren helped out with the preparations and we made pancakes for the movie night!!!! It was quite awesome, all thanks to Cook Jan who made us yummy ice cream.

This is Helgi's ad for our movie night. Everyone must watch, the girls made the food!!

The boys are now busy watching after filling themselves up with pancakes and ice cream ^_^

Lina understanding the movie

Thanks Daren for the photo ;)

It was truly a beautiful and fun experience that I will never forget. I loved the trip, the tour and the people onboard the good ship. Marta was a great movie too!!

Here are some of my chosen photos that you can also find in my Facebook page.

Thank you, Maersk <3