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19 May 2014

❋ Travel : The Southeast Asian Traveler's Dilemma ❋

Two years ago, I won tickets to England and have managed to convince the travel agency who awarded them to allow me to have my return flight from Paris. I was the happiest girl that Christmas when I heard my  name called out to claim the tickets, I was finally going to Europe!! I know that the beach has always been my first love - it's the one paradise that I can never let go. Europe, on the other hand, is my dream land.

Completely excited, I was looking for the perfect travel buddy to come with me until I've finally decided that it was my Ate Shiela who was tagging along. At that time, we both worked in the same company and we were also in the same team. My previous job required so much time more than normal eight-hour shift. As we planned our trip and initiated to apply for our UK and Schengen Visa's - we lost so much time doing our office work that we weren't able to launch it at all.

To cut the story short, we weren't able to use the tickets. It was one of the opportunities that I had to let go, but then I thought I'd get to Europe some other time and I'm pretty sure. It was still a missed chance, I felt bad about it for quite a while


Ate Shiela's Spanish Schengen Visa. Her visa was applied for business purposes. It is much easier to get a visa for a business trip especially when you are guaranteed by a multi-national company. Info and pictured blurred for confidentiality purposes.

17 May 2014

✿ Figuring Out How To Get My Photos Back ✿


Okay, I know that I shouldn't have just deleted the folder in Google+ but I still feel sad, huhu! How do I get my photos back? *sigh*

So now I have this mild grudge against Google+ and I don't want to open my account there anymore, forever! But of course, that's inevitable. I suppose that for now I will just move forward until I figure it out how to get those pictures back. I've already emailed Google if they can assist me but they haven't replied yet.

In the mean time, I will be making big time updates within the whole upcoming week!

15 May 2014

✿ Photos Gone! Waaa Sad! ✿

Waaaa Google+ whyyyy!??

Alright so I don't really use Google+ but just syndicate posts there automatically until one of my friends posted a photosphere from our trip to Bali. While checking out my own profile I removed one Album because I didn't want it shared there...

it turns out that the album is the same album linked to this blog!

Errr I feel quite awful right now because it affected several old posts so I guess I will have to edit those ones to put up some pictures. But I remember that's around a hundred photos.

Anyways, oh well... OH WELL! Why Google+ must you share everything??

05 May 2014

☸ Time Doesn't Seem to Fly ☸

It's been two months since I quit my job and I really haven't done anything since but travel around or stay at home, do house chores, take photographs, blog, party and hang out with friends. The one thing I noticed is that time feels long in a positive way.

On our way to Makati yesterday I was wondering when was the last time I saw some friends and it felt like forever! I checked my calendar and realized that it's only been three weeks! It feels so long ago, I just really miss my friends so much. I have been missing in the party scene for two months so I was really glad to see them last Saturday even if some people weren't there. I haven't met up with other people, some have already left the country but I am also leaving tonight so I hope to get to have dinner with them when I get back. So much for having so many amazing friends!

Anyways it's good to finally spend some time with my best friend Fe and party after that at Prive with my Couch Surfing loves

Awesome night at Prive

Til the next party!

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