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30 June 2014

♕ Makeup : Natural Tones ♕

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I lasted talked about makeup and stuff. Traveling was so much fun! I'm really looking forward to my next trips although I've cancelled my plans to go to Malaysia next month. I will be visiting some local spots in the mean time.

Summer's already over but it's still so hot! With that being said, I'm keeping the summer look for an extended while before I revert to my rainy days dark makeup. Summer's all about light makeup and the natural tones. You go to the beach, sweat a lot - smudging eyes and smearing mascara is the least that you would want to worry about! It may be raining a bit now, but I still don't see the need to have unwanted raccoon eyes unless it was actually part of my do.

 So what's your magic potion? 

What's your usual cocktail when going out under the scorching heat of the sun? Or maybe it's raining but then the humidity's just to unbearable that drops of sweat still fall down your forehead?

I'm currently sticking to my current routine. I did my best to get really tanned this summer which succeeded. This also meant changing some makeup that will suit my golden skin color but I made a bit of mistakes on that part. I will be discussing that on my next entry.

Focusing on eye makeup and lips, I've decided to use brown pallets all this time.

16 June 2014

❋ Travel : A Look Back - Typhoon Haiyan ❋

On the 8th of November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (local: Yolanda) has devastated Central Philippines and have left thousands dead, missing and displaced from their homes. It is the one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded and the strongest one to ever make landfall. It is the deadliest storm that has ever hit the Philippines which was also remembered for the storm surge that it brought along the coasts especially in the Province of Leyte, measuring up to 5-6 meters (roughly around 20 ft) high.

While this was happening, much of the Northern Philippines was unaware of the storm's wrath down south. I remember that my mom asked me to go home that Friday evening and I told her the storm wasn't strong at all. I was in Makati and decided to party with my friends. We hopped from one club to another and the strong wind was cool and that was it. No rain, no thunder, no nothing.

The next morning, everyone was shocked of the ruins that it has caused. Many people were caught unprepared.

Relief operations were instantly initiated to help those in need and many countries rushed to our aid. It has become very controversial as the assistance provided was clouded by corruption and greed by local officials. Many countries were disappointed of their actions and many people were left starving in the streets with no house and soaked by the occasional thunder storms that still pass during that season. Many people and companies also donated money and goods through major NGO's but many of these weren't able to reach certain people due to location constraints or local officials making it hard.

One month after the tragedy, my previous company, Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc. have decided to extend their assistance by personally sending in our staff to our crews' locations and deliver the goods to their homes. The Maersk Cares Relief Operation was put into action. Several teams were formed to go to certain provinces such as Bohol, Cebu, and Leyte. On 19 December 2013 Team Cebu/Leyte flew to Cebu City to initiate the operation in that area in which I was part of the team for documentation and assisting our team lead.

Personalized letters were made for our crew to let them know that we do care. Many had the idea that the company didn't do anything since our donations were given to an NGO and of course, they didn't really get to reach every affected family.