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22 July 2014

❤ A Long Distance Love Affair... and Career ❤

A love far far away...

and the White Knight comes to save his Magical Princess.

Not long ago, I made a good friend online and he was simply adorable and lovable. He was a good confidant and listened to my crazy stories and heartaches. He had a kind heart and a genuine personality. He was just amazing. It wasn't instant love for me, although I did feel that weird feeling when I talked to him but I was quite confused at that time.

To cut it short, the Magical Princess was not sure how her world will go - battling her eternal hatred towards love and bitter beliefs... until one day it all changed.

My Alex Bear

Maybe it's crazy, falling in love with someone who lives literally halfway across the world. I seriously couldn't believe that I've tried this kind of relationship but I know it's all worth it. I'm really excited for him to come here and let's see how our plans will turn out!
Alex Bear's Kawaii Gift!!
A knitted kitty beanie... so happy :3