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30 August 2014

♕ Review : Manic Panic Pink Cadillac & Punky Colour Turquoise ♕

Hello Lovelies!

It's a beautiful day and another busy weekend for me to catch up for work and all. Since our company portal was under maintenance yesterday, I've started writing this to share to you lovelies first. This is just a review and not a tutorial (yet).

I've always loved dyeing my hair for various reasons. I first had my hair done when I was 11 and yeah I know many of you would disagree with that practice which was damaging my hair at such a young age.  So just a foreword -  it is true that hair color can be damaging if incorrectly done but if you continuously care for your locks, then it's okay. Also I've been told that it's the reason why my hair is thin. Uhm, not true. My hair is not thin and I have no balding spots. Everything about my hair is hereditary - the bald part on the sides of my hair line is not a bald part, it's called a "widows peak" which is more proinent in men. Also my hair strands are naturally thin - it runs through my mom's bloodline. I'm not encouraging young kids to do this though, every hair type differs so the neutral effects on me might most likely be different to others.

21 August 2014

♕ Review : Nyx Face Concealer & Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder ♕

Hello lovelies! So I did mention I was gonna make a review... and after ten thousand years yay!! Finally!

I've been using the Nyx Full Coverage Concealer and Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder for more than two weeks and now so far I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

As we walked towards Etude House, I bumped into a small stall and voila! It's Dolly Wink! Since I was already planning to get a new eyebrow pencil I thought it was worth a try. I've never really used powder on my eyebrows because they're very thin so using a tattoo pen or pencil is more advisable. However when I tried the tester I was impressed. I knew that this brand is really good with a lot of positive review so okay, my turn to make one! I chose this color because I was going to dye my hair blonde (and pink and other colors which will be blogged soon). They have three shades to choose from and I took Chocolate Brown because my hair is ever changing and I know I won't be light haired forever lol. I might actually also get the lighter one but I'll see if there's a need.

18 August 2014

♕ Makeup : Makeup Shopping Day ♕

Two weeks ago, some girlfriends and I decided to have a special day dedicated solely to buying makeup. Yep, we called it the Makeup Shopping Day.  Apparently plans changed so only Eca and I went to MoA.

Aside from our awesome love of anime, Eca and I also share our passion for Japanese food and culture. Well, today this is the closest we can get at the moment - Sakae Sushi time!

02 August 2014

✿ Party Party Fotos ✿

I love parties! And I also love photography!

Put them together then you'll have Kimi Starr covering your events!! Nyar nyaaarr!!

Events & Fashion Photography

I've been covering events for the past two years although I haven't done much since I have a full time job. Now I'm working full time again but I have flexible schedules since I'm working from home. I plan to take up more projects at the same I also want to photograph new models.

My latest shoot was last week for Whayne's 18th Debut Party ^_^

Not yet done post processing but here's a sneak peak of pretty Whayne.