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18 October 2014

♕ Skin : The Uneven Tones ♕

Hey lovelies!
Finally life is beginning to go back to normal and I haven't posted anything for a month. Bummer! Oh well, I'm back and here we go ^_^ I was pretty busy since I last wrote an entry. Alexbear arrived by the end of the September and we've been on holiday for two weeks. It's been one week now since he's gone and I miss him so much!!

Anyways, one thing that's been bothering me apart from the fact that I will have to wait a few more months to finally see my fiance again is my skin tone. I have done some massive tanning this year and I just love having my golden brown color. I did notice one thing tho - my face tanned much lesser than the rest of my body. Or at least my arms.

In that regard, it means my face is much lighter than my arms! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! 


For one week, we stayed in El Nido and I did one of the biggest boo-boo's in my existence : not use tanning oil OR at least lotion or sunblock. Since Alex was pale white like snow, I was so eager to show off the powers of my tanned skin and how it can withstand the heat. Defying all scientific knowledge I battled the sun with my bare skin. 

You can obviously see the difference between Alex's arm and my leg. Ooh being beside him makes me look more brown and I love it!