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20 December 2014

❋ Travel : Touchdown Baguio + Keeping Calm ❋

Traveling means patience. One thing I've learned while traveling is being patient at all costs - and of course keeping calm ^_^ 

I'm not a really constant traveler who is always on the go for a very long span of time. This year is the most I've traveled in an annual basis which is an average of once every 1.5 months. However, I've already learned many things and have adapted several routines. Today I teach my brother to KEEP CALM.

Touch down Baguio

The trip from Cavite City to Baguio City was nine long hours. I'm glad that Saulog buses are actually spacious, although the seats aren't very wide like deluxe ones that other liners offer. I'd say still good enough especially for a price of 515php/pax. We left at exactly 0430am and arrived at 0130pm at SM Baguio. It was one long ride but it was fun. I slept, ate, took photos, slept and took more photos. Typically Kimi.

However, it's not my brother's thing. Bobby isn't a traveler and in fact, this is his first really far trip... after Angeles City. We've only gone to a few places and prior Angeles, farthest we've gone is in Laguna. Not to mention that the former was also his first overnight out-of-town trip. With that being said, he has a lot of things to learn. Unlike me, he doesn't have the urge to leave every now and then. Yet, travel teaches a lot in life - that I come to appreciate now.

Look who's with us!!

It's Knarly!!

15 December 2014

✿ Update : The Sweet (Pink) Life + Paypal & Debit/Credit Card Dilemma ✿

Oh hai Lovelies!!

Mmmm it's been another long while and I'm quite sad that I haven't posted the stuff I was hoping to put up. Schedules were set for both the blogs and the videos but some stuff came up (aside from the storm and had to prepare for it).

Anyways, will be updating before Christmas after we get back from Baguio. Quite excited, ironically after traveling around (and at this age), I still have never been there!! Yay so I have to admit I am excited!! ^_^

All Pink ;)

I have two concerns today - I'll start with the good one LOL

The Pink Brigade

04 December 2014

✿ Update : Typhoon Hagupit; Local Ruby Part II ✿

Hey lovelies! How's your weather now?

Since I've been constantly putting up weather updates, I've decided not to flood my blog about it and put up one entry in my website for everyone's viewing. I will be updating at least twice a day or more, if there will be new information.

Source : Joint Typhoon Watch Center

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03 December 2014

✿ Update : Latest Info on Typhoon Hagupit; Local Ruby Part I ✿

Hello lovelies!

I've been working on several stuff at the moment and missed my update last week, same for my video. SAD!! Anyways, right now there's a super typhoon that's heading the Philippines. As usual, I play weatherman especially on Facebook, trying to share whatever info that I can.

In the mean time, here's the latest map that I was able to download.

Source: US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center as of 1343 hrs of 04 DEC 2014.

More details:


Everyone stay safe, take precautions, evacuate and take care!

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