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13 September 2015

❄ Thoughts : My Name is Kimi Starr ❄

I'm Kimi Starr.

Okay yeah, well we all know that lovelies, right? :3

But then, there are other Kimi Starr's out there! I'm not saying they're fake at all. It's just quite funny how names, thoughts and ideas can exist simultaneously without being aware of each other.

Now what about Kimi Starr?

12 September 2015

❀ Arts : Creative Juices ❀

Hello lovelies!

Oh wow, one more week to go and I'd finally be able to take my very long leave!! Wooooot ^_^ This also means that I'd finally be able to make more updates to all my blogs and websites. I'm really excited, this is a much deserved break.

I've been making some kawaii goodies during my free time for Starr&Sparkle. We're currently on vacation since I have much preparations going on but I'm so excited to re-open on October. There's so much in store!

I've been experimenting with styles and techniques. I plan to post about it on our official blog where I put up or store updates and possibly tutorials in the future too. Reminds me, need to update YouTube! There's just too much going on and this is a really busy month because of me moving. It's a big step so I guess when everything's settled I'll have more control of my time.

Anyways, I would like share some of my creations!

You know I'm really obsessed with cupcakes!

15 August 2015

✯ Photography : Why I Like Event Photography ✯

Hello lovelies!

I took a quick two hour break today from work and I decided to work on my pile of photographs instead of doing my deco and resin arts. After I finished our El Nido images, I finally moved on to another album. It was Ayesha's first birthday party and I was hired to cover the event (and yes, will post them here too!)

I really enjoy working on these photographs and see the different people in the pictures. Many people think that covering events is easy. You go to the venue, snap some pictures, crop them and give them to your clients. I know some people who do exactly that, but I take my assignments at heart and capture every photograph with passion. I don't just take pictures, I want to preserve emotions.

Event Photography is one of my favorite types of projects. It comes second to nature and travel photography on my list.

Why do I like it? I get to see genuine smiles and giggles, real tears and pure emotions. The amazing thing about it is that I never really just wait to shoot. I click and capture whatever time has in store for me. I check my pictures and sometimes discover funny reactions, touching eyes and much more.

10 August 2015

✈ Travel : Alexbear in Manila Part 2 - Little Tokyo & Racks ✈

The American Midwest is many, many miles away from the coasts. Alex Bear, however, is really into Japanese culture. Pretty much like me, in fact, a lot more than me! Having fresh seafood isn't really that possible - and Japanese food is basically that!

Now being in the Philippines, it's the closest he can get to Japan. Well, yeah he did have his connecting flight via Narita! And I will too on my way to Wisconsin, yaaaaay!!! 

Now the Polar Bear deserves to indulge ^.^

We went to Little Tokyo for lunch. Now let's play pretend and he's the tour guide.

11 July 2015

♕ Makeup : Nyx Butter Gloss ♕

Oh hai Lovelies!

If there's an affordable brand that have really good picks, I would say it's NYX. I'm not really a fan of cheap products because I have sensitive skin. I don't really invest in too expensive items either. I'm more of in between and it just so happens that the products that suit me fall in the "middle" price range. It was also a thing in the past that cheaper brands didn't perform too well. They have limited colors or don't last that long, usually a lot less pigmented.

Now it's a great thing that many affordable brands are coming out with good quality!

I wouldn't really say that NYX is entirely cheap especially here in the Philippines. You can get items ranging from 250php to 500php per piece (which is really a good price!) but there are others that sell for 99php to 150php. However, in comparison to more popular brands like Revlon, L'oreal and those we find in malls - it IS cheaper!

Nyx Butter Gloss

08 July 2015

❀ Arts/Shopping : Starr & Sparkle Beta Launch ❀

Are you into kawaii finds and cute items?

Or perhaps you want some elegant and vintage jewelry to match your clothing?

I've always wanted those stuff but it's quite hard to find really nice pieces. Since I've always loved arts and crafts, I've decided to create my very own pieces! 

Check out Starr and Sparkle!

19 June 2015

✈ Travel : Alexbear in Manila Part 1 ✈

Hello lovelies! Arg arg!
O.o did I just sound like a pirate? Totally not the theme LOL

I'm finally going to share the Polar Honey Bears' short vacation last year. I will have to divide this into a few parts so I don't really go flood the posts with loads and loads of photos!

So the adventure started when the Polar Bear arrived in NAIA. I wasn't really able to document it because there were too many people at the airport. Err yeah I was kinda shy! Everyone was looking at me, probably because of my cute kitty-ear hat!

10 June 2015

♕ Makeup : BYS Intense Pigments 28 Eyeshadow Palette ♕

Hello lovelies!!

Some two years ago I was going to my friend's birthday but I got to our meeting place a tad bit too early. I ended up roaming SM North Edsa, finding myself in Watsons checking out some makeup as usual. My eyes landed on BYS Cosmetics. I checked out their Neon Palette and tried it, after all it was less than 500php!

A few months ago I was just doing my regular "restocking" of my makeup stash. The BYS Cosmetics stall stands right next to NYX in the Mall of Asia Department. I stumbled upon another bargain - The Bys Intense Pigments Palette.

09 June 2015

❋ Tips | Documents : The NBI Clearance Application ❋

Hello lovelies!

Planning to apply for a visa? Trying to finish your requirements for work? Okay, you probably need an NBI Clearance. I know, we've all probably been through those long lines, fixers bugging you to pay them more and asking you to buy their ballpens.

Ahh yes, the amazing old process and all that - but wait! They now have an online application which makes it a whole lot faster. I've recently applied for it and here's a step by step process on what to do updated on Polar Honey Bears!

[Click Here ☚ ☚]

I don't want to make a double entry so kindly click the link above, this will surely help you out! Check out the photos and FAQs on that post too. Hope this helps! 

25 May 2015

✿ Update : My Sweet Prince ✿

Hello lovelies...

May has been a very busy month for me. I had many things to accomplish and as usual, I wish I had more time in my hands. Now I just really need to share the current situation with you guys.

I've been just working up a lot lately because I need to save up. Also, I've had a few trips and things to do. But what I really have to let out is about my Sweet Prince.

My lovely Prince Creshnut is sick. There, I said it. My little baby of three and a half years is suffering from heat stroke. The night before yesterday, he was perfectly fine. We even played and he was on my bed tossing my sheets and all. He went to bed and I found him sleeping when I woke up. I bought some lunch and when I returned, I found him limping!

30 April 2015

♕ Tutorial : My Mermaid Hair - Manic Panic Siren's Song ♕

Hello lovelies

Mmm it's a beautiful Friday morning and it's the first day of May! We're halfway through summer and the heat is just... I have no words for it O.o

Green isn't my first color of choice. I don't dislike it but it's not my favorite either. However I love pastel colors and I decided to do a color that's completely out of my usual hue-range.

I'm talking about going MINT GREEN!

To perfect the hue and brightness that I want, it actually took me several tries to finally achieve my goal. I used Manic Panic's Siren's Song that I got from Funky Streaks. I was actually trying to get that Miku Hatsune color and eventually, I was able too! Yay!

Check out this video if you want a more visual tutorial. Finish the blog for more detailed instructions and more insights on this new color.

Let's Get Started!

18 April 2015

❄ Thoughts : Capturing Life - The Trend of Traveling ❄

With all the things I see on my Facebook feed, Instagram, other social media, and articles shared on the internet, I can't help but notice some points about this new thing - the art of going places.


It's become a fad, a common aspiration and a dream for everyone. Thanks to online sharing, more and more people are becoming aware of beautiful places to visit and explore. More people learn to appreciate the beauty of our world through wonderful photos posted in various sites, articles and accounts. It's truly a beautiful thing. 

However, in the past few years I've noticed that traveling has become more of a trend. It's like having the latest smart phone, not everyone's into it but a lot of people are. Many of these people, and I cannot tell if most or just some of them, are only into it because it's the "in-thing" to do. In this regard, I'm not saying that everyone who travels are just trying to get into the bandwagon.

09 April 2015

✿ Update : The Hair FAQs - Recent Common Questions ✿

Hello lovelies!

I've been getting several questions about my hair recently (or in the past few months) but more often online these past few weeks.

Here's a quick list to answer your thoughts.

03 April 2015

❋ Travel : Kitesurfers Part II + Bangui Windfarm ❋

Hello lovelies! Remember my travel in Pagudpud?

❋ The Kite Surfers Part II ❋

Here's more!

01 March 2015

♕ Makeup : How I Cleaned My Makeup Brushes ♕

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday Honey, Eca, Jo (and her hubby... who didn't really participate) and I had a Makeup Party. Hanging out with them is always fun and yesterday we became Honey's apprentices. Much cool! I really love being with these girlfriends and doing girly things. Hey, who doesn't enjoy being with your girlies right?

The awesome thing is that we learn from each other. I've been putting on makeup for many years now and have developed my own style. Honey is one avid learner from Youtube and other sources, so it's really nice that we get to improve. Yeah, we do take makeup seriously.

I was Eca's "specimen" 

27 February 2015

❋ Travel : Kitesurfers Part I ❋

I promised to catch up with my backlogs! So here we go!! ^_^

Okay, let's not get too ecstatic because I still owe loads.

My longest holiday was limited to only two weeks when I was in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte last year. It's not as busy as Boracay, although they tagged it "Boracay of the North" for it's fine white sand and clear waters. I loved the place, it was tranquil and nonetheless, beautiful!

11 February 2015

♕ Shopping : My First Time to Buy From eBay ♕

Online Shopping. Oh yes, the glory of buying the things you love within the power of your fingertips! I've been buying online many years before it became a norm in the Philippines, more than a decade ago when I was still college. 

I remember my first beauty purchase - several sets of vintage earrings, the big dangling boho ones. I actually found them quite expensive but they were unique. They weren't the same one in malls and getting them online meant that you're one of the firsts to have it. I remember my friends asking where I got them, and when I said "online" people seemed skeptical. Nope, it wasn't usual back then - when smartphones didn't exist yet and laptops will give you cramps when you bring them to school. So yeah, I guess I'm old and you're probably just seven years old at this time :3 Buying online took a lot of risks including a big take on fraud.

There was no Paypal yet, buyer protection was limited and many sellers open their shops through Multiply. I suppose you probably haven't heard of it; maybe yes but you might have forgotten how it works. Or have you?

Anyways, I'm immortally stuck at 19 so beats me ^_^

eBay has been around for a very long time although I've never made any purchases with them. I bought a rock CD once from Amazon which cost me $35 in total due to shipping from the US. Thanks to my generous mom who was kind enough to give in my music addition. There was no local eBay nor Amazon. Ahh how things have changed!

My First eBay Experience not that good, unfortunately. I think it's because I made bad judgment too.

04 February 2015

❄ Thoughts : The Fiance FAQs - It's All About Love ❄

February... oh yes lovelies!

This is the time of year that people feel the love in the air! It's that moment that some people get extra cheesy, some get more showy with their feelings, some get desperate to find a date... and some simply express bitterness. LOL.

I believe that if you love a person, you should express it all year round. It doesn't matter what the occasion is - showing that you care is important any time of day. I understand that this is the moment when gifts are everywhere to give, but then I also believe that gifts should be given whenever you want. Not just on certain occasions.

Well just to get into the trend and hop into the love-train, here's some frequently asked questions about Alex and me. Some are silly questions that I've actually heard but meh, here's some clarification. So for those of you wondering, enjoy reading on!

Nyarr Alex Bear's welcome cake made by Cakes R Us!

31 January 2015

♕ Review : Lucido-L Hair Supplement ♕

Hello lovelies!

I know that almost every girl wants to have beautiful hair - whether it's long, black and shiny; honey brown and wavy; or like me with wonderful rainbow unicorn locks. Beautiful hair also makes us feel great and confident. Who wants dry and fuzzy strands, right? So, we're always in the search for good hair products. Mmm it's like a challenge O.o

Since I'm usually dyeing and bleaching, I'm always trying to find ways to treat my colorful do - or at least find preventive measures to stop completely damaging it. With this in mind, I stumbled upon some items from Lucido L Japan! I've been using this for the last two months now and I really like it.

They come in really nice packages in cute bottles. They cost around 300php each, and if you're lucky sometimes they go on sale at Watsons for half the price. I immediately grabbed it, consider that it was for permed or treated hair.

Another good thing is that they have English instructions on the box so that's cool. At least I won't really have to guess and figure out myself how to use it.

27 January 2015

❄ Thoughts : SEO & Blog Syndication ❄


It's actually my hobby and not really a business where I earn money or anything. I love sharing thoughts, insights, experiences and most of all - my passion for travel and beauty. I've been writing for quite a bit already, and have experience in writing articles for news papers and other publications. However, I've realized that I want to increase the traffic on my own page.

I want real readers ^_^

Since I'm actually working a full time job, I never really get the chance to work on my blogs and do a regular posting routine. I'm working on it now since I'm working from home but the commitment level is not very high at the moment. I have many things to do and challenges to finish, so it comes perhaps 3rd or 4th priority for now. I want to change that.

My initial step was signing up on Networked Blogs. It helped, yes. I was able to automatically publish posts on my personal and fan page. It did promise more traffic, unfortunately it didn't really help except the publishing option.

25 January 2015

✿ Update : Much Work + Time Management ✿

Oh my lovelies!!

So many days have gone and I haven't updated that much O_o I sometimes wish there are more hours in one day!

09 January 2015

❄ Thoughts : Loneliness ❄

Hello lovelies! I've never really shared much thoughts on this blog but then I might as well do so for certain things. So today I'm adding the Thoughts section for Kimi Goes Places. You can check out randomness on my other blog here - [Pseudo Intelligence].


The last few years of my life have proven significant change in the way things are happening. This also means that my attitude and outlook has dramatically adjusted. Yes, it has. I've moved on from most of the negative things that affected me and I have become more passive and tolerant. There are many things that you just have to let go, let it be and just leave it as it is.

There is one feeling though that I hate the most - loneliness. To be honest, I'm not a very sympathetic person, nor am I empathetic. Maybe I lack certain emotions but for the most part I do care. I hate oppressors and people taking advantage of others. I hate people who hurt those who can't defend themselves. However, for the most part I don't feel pity although because I know it is wrong - these people must be stopped.

Now this one emotion, this so-called loneliness has a special place in my heart. I'm not lonely anymore but I know what it feels like to be extremely lonely, to be extremely alone. It's not always that I get affected by other people losing their significant others whether because they broke up or have passed away - but there are relationships that ended quite too tragically that it tears me apart simply knowing about it.

There are people who choose to inflict pain to themselves; then there are people who have just become too lonely to bear reality. There are people who dwell in wrong relationships simply because of wanting to just be with someone; then there are people who decide to stay because of love. Don't mistake love for the longing of having a partner, it's utterly different.

03 January 2015

✿ Update : Oh Hai 2015! ✿

Wilkommen 2015!!

The previous year was indeed a blast! So many events have taken place and I couldn't be any grateful for everything that took place. I have no regrets - people have come and gone, situations have become better and worse - but it has proved that if we stay positive, things will fall into place.

I've already made several statements regarding my new year so let me share them to you, lovelies!

My family on New Year's eve. Yep, this is my small yet extremely happy and crazy family. I wouldn't want it any other way

Everything did go well and I think my body has over-enjoyed the goodness. I gained 12 kg. in a spam of a half a year. Oh well...