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31 January 2015

♕ Review : Lucido-L Hair Supplement ♕

Hello lovelies!

I know that almost every girl wants to have beautiful hair - whether it's long, black and shiny; honey brown and wavy; or like me with wonderful rainbow unicorn locks. Beautiful hair also makes us feel great and confident. Who wants dry and fuzzy strands, right? So, we're always in the search for good hair products. Mmm it's like a challenge O.o

Since I'm usually dyeing and bleaching, I'm always trying to find ways to treat my colorful do - or at least find preventive measures to stop completely damaging it. With this in mind, I stumbled upon some items from Lucido L Japan! I've been using this for the last two months now and I really like it.

They come in really nice packages in cute bottles. They cost around 300php each, and if you're lucky sometimes they go on sale at Watsons for half the price. I immediately grabbed it, consider that it was for permed or treated hair.

Another good thing is that they have English instructions on the box so that's cool. At least I won't really have to guess and figure out myself how to use it.

27 January 2015

❄ Thoughts : SEO & Blog Syndication ❄


It's actually my hobby and not really a business where I earn money or anything. I love sharing thoughts, insights, experiences and most of all - my passion for travel and beauty. I've been writing for quite a bit already, and have experience in writing articles for news papers and other publications. However, I've realized that I want to increase the traffic on my own page.

I want real readers ^_^

Since I'm actually working a full time job, I never really get the chance to work on my blogs and do a regular posting routine. I'm working on it now since I'm working from home but the commitment level is not very high at the moment. I have many things to do and challenges to finish, so it comes perhaps 3rd or 4th priority for now. I want to change that.

My initial step was signing up on Networked Blogs. It helped, yes. I was able to automatically publish posts on my personal and fan page. It did promise more traffic, unfortunately it didn't really help except the publishing option.

25 January 2015

✿ Update : Much Work + Time Management ✿

Oh my lovelies!!

So many days have gone and I haven't updated that much O_o I sometimes wish there are more hours in one day!

09 January 2015

❄ Thoughts : Loneliness ❄

Hello lovelies! I've never really shared much thoughts on this blog but then I might as well do so for certain things. So today I'm adding the Thoughts section for Kimi Goes Places. You can check out randomness on my other blog here - [Pseudo Intelligence].


The last few years of my life have proven significant change in the way things are happening. This also means that my attitude and outlook has dramatically adjusted. Yes, it has. I've moved on from most of the negative things that affected me and I have become more passive and tolerant. There are many things that you just have to let go, let it be and just leave it as it is.

There is one feeling though that I hate the most - loneliness. To be honest, I'm not a very sympathetic person, nor am I empathetic. Maybe I lack certain emotions but for the most part I do care. I hate oppressors and people taking advantage of others. I hate people who hurt those who can't defend themselves. However, for the most part I don't feel pity although because I know it is wrong - these people must be stopped.

Now this one emotion, this so-called loneliness has a special place in my heart. I'm not lonely anymore but I know what it feels like to be extremely lonely, to be extremely alone. It's not always that I get affected by other people losing their significant others whether because they broke up or have passed away - but there are relationships that ended quite too tragically that it tears me apart simply knowing about it.

There are people who choose to inflict pain to themselves; then there are people who have just become too lonely to bear reality. There are people who dwell in wrong relationships simply because of wanting to just be with someone; then there are people who decide to stay because of love. Don't mistake love for the longing of having a partner, it's utterly different.

03 January 2015

✿ Update : Oh Hai 2015! ✿

Wilkommen 2015!!

The previous year was indeed a blast! So many events have taken place and I couldn't be any grateful for everything that took place. I have no regrets - people have come and gone, situations have become better and worse - but it has proved that if we stay positive, things will fall into place.

I've already made several statements regarding my new year so let me share them to you, lovelies!

My family on New Year's eve. Yep, this is my small yet extremely happy and crazy family. I wouldn't want it any other way

Everything did go well and I think my body has over-enjoyed the goodness. I gained 12 kg. in a spam of a half a year. Oh well...