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27 February 2015

❋ Travel : Kitesurfers Part I ❋

I promised to catch up with my backlogs! So here we go!! ^_^

Okay, let's not get too ecstatic because I still owe loads.

My longest holiday was limited to only two weeks when I was in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte last year. It's not as busy as Boracay, although they tagged it "Boracay of the North" for it's fine white sand and clear waters. I loved the place, it was tranquil and nonetheless, beautiful!

11 February 2015

♕ Shopping : My First Time to Buy From eBay ♕

Online Shopping. Oh yes, the glory of buying the things you love within the power of your fingertips! I've been buying online many years before it became a norm in the Philippines, more than a decade ago when I was still college. 

I remember my first beauty purchase - several sets of vintage earrings, the big dangling boho ones. I actually found them quite expensive but they were unique. They weren't the same one in malls and getting them online meant that you're one of the firsts to have it. I remember my friends asking where I got them, and when I said "online" people seemed skeptical. Nope, it wasn't usual back then - when smartphones didn't exist yet and laptops will give you cramps when you bring them to school. So yeah, I guess I'm old and you're probably just seven years old at this time :3 Buying online took a lot of risks including a big take on fraud.

There was no Paypal yet, buyer protection was limited and many sellers open their shops through Multiply. I suppose you probably haven't heard of it; maybe yes but you might have forgotten how it works. Or have you?

Anyways, I'm immortally stuck at 19 so beats me ^_^

eBay has been around for a very long time although I've never made any purchases with them. I bought a rock CD once from Amazon which cost me $35 in total due to shipping from the US. Thanks to my generous mom who was kind enough to give in my music addition. There was no local eBay nor Amazon. Ahh how things have changed!

My First eBay Experience not that good, unfortunately. I think it's because I made bad judgment too.

04 February 2015

❄ Thoughts : The Fiance FAQs - It's All About Love ❄

February... oh yes lovelies!

This is the time of year that people feel the love in the air! It's that moment that some people get extra cheesy, some get more showy with their feelings, some get desperate to find a date... and some simply express bitterness. LOL.

I believe that if you love a person, you should express it all year round. It doesn't matter what the occasion is - showing that you care is important any time of day. I understand that this is the moment when gifts are everywhere to give, but then I also believe that gifts should be given whenever you want. Not just on certain occasions.

Well just to get into the trend and hop into the love-train, here's some frequently asked questions about Alex and me. Some are silly questions that I've actually heard but meh, here's some clarification. So for those of you wondering, enjoy reading on!

Nyarr Alex Bear's welcome cake made by Cakes R Us!