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25 May 2015

✿ Update : My Sweet Prince ✿

Hello lovelies...

May has been a very busy month for me. I had many things to accomplish and as usual, I wish I had more time in my hands. Now I just really need to share the current situation with you guys.

I've been just working up a lot lately because I need to save up. Also, I've had a few trips and things to do. But what I really have to let out is about my Sweet Prince.

My lovely Prince Creshnut is sick. There, I said it. My little baby of three and a half years is suffering from heat stroke. The night before yesterday, he was perfectly fine. We even played and he was on my bed tossing my sheets and all. He went to bed and I found him sleeping when I woke up. I bought some lunch and when I returned, I found him limping!