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19 June 2015

✈ Travel : Alexbear in Manila Part 1 ✈

Hello lovelies! Arg arg!
O.o did I just sound like a pirate? Totally not the theme LOL

I'm finally going to share the Polar Honey Bears' short vacation last year. I will have to divide this into a few parts so I don't really go flood the posts with loads and loads of photos!

So the adventure started when the Polar Bear arrived in NAIA. I wasn't really able to document it because there were too many people at the airport. Err yeah I was kinda shy! Everyone was looking at me, probably because of my cute kitty-ear hat!

10 June 2015

♕ Makeup : BYS Intense Pigments 28 Eyeshadow Palette ♕

Hello lovelies!!

Some two years ago I was going to my friend's birthday but I got to our meeting place a tad bit too early. I ended up roaming SM North Edsa, finding myself in Watsons checking out some makeup as usual. My eyes landed on BYS Cosmetics. I checked out their Neon Palette and tried it, after all it was less than 500php!

A few months ago I was just doing my regular "restocking" of my makeup stash. The BYS Cosmetics stall stands right next to NYX in the Mall of Asia Department. I stumbled upon another bargain - The Bys Intense Pigments Palette.

09 June 2015

❋ Tips | Documents : The NBI Clearance Application ❋

Hello lovelies!

Planning to apply for a visa? Trying to finish your requirements for work? Okay, you probably need an NBI Clearance. I know, we've all probably been through those long lines, fixers bugging you to pay them more and asking you to buy their ballpens.

Ahh yes, the amazing old process and all that - but wait! They now have an online application which makes it a whole lot faster. I've recently applied for it and here's a step by step process on what to do updated on Polar Honey Bears!

[Click Here ☚ ☚]

I don't want to make a double entry so kindly click the link above, this will surely help you out! Check out the photos and FAQs on that post too. Hope this helps!