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11 July 2015

♕ Makeup : Nyx Butter Gloss ♕

Oh hai Lovelies!

If there's an affordable brand that have really good picks, I would say it's NYX. I'm not really a fan of cheap products because I have sensitive skin. I don't really invest in too expensive items either. I'm more of in between and it just so happens that the products that suit me fall in the "middle" price range. It was also a thing in the past that cheaper brands didn't perform too well. They have limited colors or don't last that long, usually a lot less pigmented.

Now it's a great thing that many affordable brands are coming out with good quality!

I wouldn't really say that NYX is entirely cheap especially here in the Philippines. You can get items ranging from 250php to 500php per piece (which is really a good price!) but there are others that sell for 99php to 150php. However, in comparison to more popular brands like Revlon, L'oreal and those we find in malls - it IS cheaper!

Nyx Butter Gloss

08 July 2015

❀ Arts/Shopping : Starr & Sparkle Beta Launch ❀

Are you into kawaii finds and cute items?

Or perhaps you want some elegant and vintage jewelry to match your clothing?

I've always wanted those stuff but it's quite hard to find really nice pieces. Since I've always loved arts and crafts, I've decided to create my very own pieces! 

Check out Starr and Sparkle!