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15 August 2015

✯ Photography : Why I Like Event Photography ✯

Hello lovelies!

I took a quick two hour break today from work and I decided to work on my pile of photographs instead of doing my deco and resin arts. After I finished our El Nido images, I finally moved on to another album. It was Ayesha's first birthday party and I was hired to cover the event (and yes, will post them here too!)

I really enjoy working on these photographs and see the different people in the pictures. Many people think that covering events is easy. You go to the venue, snap some pictures, crop them and give them to your clients. I know some people who do exactly that, but I take my assignments at heart and capture every photograph with passion. I don't just take pictures, I want to preserve emotions.

Event Photography is one of my favorite types of projects. It comes second to nature and travel photography on my list.

Why do I like it? I get to see genuine smiles and giggles, real tears and pure emotions. The amazing thing about it is that I never really just wait to shoot. I click and capture whatever time has in store for me. I check my pictures and sometimes discover funny reactions, touching eyes and much more.

10 August 2015

✈ Travel : Alexbear in Manila Part 2 - Little Tokyo & Racks ✈

The American Midwest is many, many miles away from the coasts. Alex Bear, however, is really into Japanese culture. Pretty much like me, in fact, a lot more than me! Having fresh seafood isn't really that possible - and Japanese food is basically that!

Now being in the Philippines, it's the closest he can get to Japan. Well, yeah he did have his connecting flight via Narita! And I will too on my way to Wisconsin, yaaaaay!!! 

Now the Polar Bear deserves to indulge ^.^

We went to Little Tokyo for lunch. Now let's play pretend and he's the tour guide.