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13 September 2015

❄ Thoughts : My Name is Kimi Starr ❄

I'm Kimi Starr.

Okay yeah, well we all know that lovelies, right? :3

But then, there are other Kimi Starr's out there! I'm not saying they're fake at all. It's just quite funny how names, thoughts and ideas can exist simultaneously without being aware of each other.

Now what about Kimi Starr?

12 September 2015

❀ Arts : Creative Juices ❀

Hello lovelies!

Oh wow, one more week to go and I'd finally be able to take my very long leave!! Wooooot ^_^ This also means that I'd finally be able to make more updates to all my blogs and websites. I'm really excited, this is a much deserved break.

I've been making some kawaii goodies during my free time for Starr&Sparkle. We're currently on vacation since I have much preparations going on but I'm so excited to re-open on October. There's so much in store!

I've been experimenting with styles and techniques. I plan to post about it on our official blog where I put up or store updates and possibly tutorials in the future too. Reminds me, need to update YouTube! There's just too much going on and this is a really busy month because of me moving. It's a big step so I guess when everything's settled I'll have more control of my time.

Anyways, I would like share some of my creations!

You know I'm really obsessed with cupcakes!