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07 December 2016

✿ Crafting : New Stocks in Starr and Sparkle Shop ✿

Hello loves! New stocks are now available in my crafting shop!

If you like making your own kawaii items, check out my quality clay imported from Japan. If you're already into crafting, you've probably heard of these - so no more long waiting time for them to arrive from Asia. Super affordable and super fast shipping

Starr and Sparkle Shop

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03 December 2016

♕ Review : Buxom Full On Lip Polish ♕

Lip polish, lip gloss, lip plumpers...

We all love that soft and full lips, don't we? 

I know that this product was released a while back and I already have a new set to review but it's still worth sharing! I just love Buxom's Full On Lip Polish and I have to say that it's currently one of my favorite lip products.

The first time I tried these lippies was when I purchased this value set at Sephora for $29 (originally $32), I'm more of a lip gloss person than a lipstick so this was definitely a great deal.

28 November 2016

♕ Review : Light In Abox - Makeup Sponge?? ♕

Investing in makeup seems to be a no-brainer these days. There are so many makeup companies and information sources that will just get you on a roll. But not everyone is a makeup enthusiast. While there are a lot of people who are really into makeup, there are still who are hesitant in spending a lot.

Let's have a quick talk about makeup sponges - they've been around for a long time but the release of the Beauty Blender and other cheaper options like the ones from Real Techniques, Nyx and other brands have forever changed the story. These little tear drop shaped sponges expand when soaked in water and are very soft on the skin. Another special feature that sets them apart from the regular sponge is that they do not absorb too much product - which means that a little bit of foundation is supposed to go a long way.

So... the question is - Are you willing to spend between $5 - $20 for a sponge?

If not, then you've probably stumbled upon cheaper options from eBay, Wish and other similar sites. So, out of curiosity I stumbled upon Light In A Box - I actually found this before I found Wish. This site is basically similar to eBay although the products are all cheap dupes from China.

For $4.99 you get four pieces. The next question is - are they worth it??

13 November 2016

♕ Shopping : Oh No! My Order Got Declined ♕

You know you got problems when you start crying over makeup... or maybe not!

When you're passionate about something, whether it's collecting stamps or hoarding makeup, you put your heart into it. There's no denying that we can get emotional when things don't go our way or how they're supposed to.

Now that's the case with my Too Faced Funfetti order from HSN last November 9th.

11 November 2016

♕ Makeup : Le Colourpop Favorites ♕

Hey Loves ❤

About a year or two ago, my best friend Honey June told me about Colourpop - a really nice yet inexpensive brand that I should try. When I was in the Philippines, I did have some makeup but I didn't really have access to certain brands and this was one of them. Now it's easier to get especially that there are some known makeup groups and shops there that already make it possible.

One of the first things that I had to try as soon as I got here and I instantly fell in love! For less than $10 a piece, oh my gosh it's a steal! If you still haven't heard of Colourpop, you're definitely missing out a lot. The feedback is mainly positive, and of course, like everything else there are a few negative comments. They are pretty known in coming up with really beautiful and pigmented shades. They started out with their Super Shock Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix, which eventually expanded to other products for the eyes, face, brows and lips.

05 November 2016

✿ Update : Sephora Fall Sale ✿

OMG I love fall

Don't you just love the beautiful, warm colors? Well add more color to your collection because the Sephora VIB Rouge & VIB Fall Sale has started!

29 August 2016

✿ Update : *Yawn!!* A Super Long Break ✿

Hello my Lovelies!!!

OMG, as usual, here I go again with the ~ "it's been so loooooong!!"

Well, yeah it's been almost four months since my last update and I'm really, really sorry for not being around just when I said I would be. Things have been going on really fast for me and everything is like a roller coaster ride.

Here's a quick video of me and my lame explanation LOL

I believe that I have finally coped up much better with the move and all the new things like balancing my job and wifey duties for my baby Big Puppy and his daddy, doing other stuff with the family and so much more. I'm very hopeful that I'd be able to pull this off so bear with me guy!! Ugh, I do feel like a college student trying to meet deadlines. How nostalgic!

**Much Much Love!!**

29 May 2016

✈ Travel : MotoVlog - Our Trip to Shiocton ✈

Video Time!!! 

Here's a new video I just put up on my Youtube Channel. It's my first time to film a motovlog - which is basically a vlog while on a bike. I'm not the one driving but I'm actually Alex Polar Bear's passenger. I hope you guys enjoy my kinda nonsense while going around Wisconsin!

28 May 2016

♕ Makeup : My Too Faced Collection ♕

Oh yaz I'm getting there!!!

I know it's not yet complete, I think it's even far from half of everything but I'm getting there and I will get there woooohoooo!!

29 April 2016

❀ Hello USA : Snowflakes ❀

Ahhh snow...

When I was a child, I've always dreamed of seeing and touching snow! For a tropical island girl, snow seems so magical! I mean, it's not really any different from Alex Bear being really excited to swim in the beach for the first time. But then, I won't deny my utter fascination!

And finally, here I am ~ in my new Winter Wonderland!

I was really excited to see snow. Uhh.. yeah!! Like I said a million times before. Not only does it look so whimsical (at least to me), it also makes a lot of photos look amazing. I've always been awed by ice and I've loved many aspects of it - from formation to structure - it's just something I adore. Even my email address has "ice" on it. Sounds so high school but I did have that email since I was like 16 so yeah-uh...

04 April 2016

♕ Makeup : The Epic Tease ~ Too Faced Sweet Peach! ♕

Hey lovelies!!

I posted a quick update yesterday about how the last two weeks has been kinda hectic for me but a lot of fun things have happened. There were some challenges including my big puppy was sick for about a week.


Today, I've done something for the first time in my whole entire existence.

I have never really stalked any cosmetic product to the point that I was actually waiting for the exact release date and time! I mean, yeah, I've done that before for certain things and also checked when some makeup items would be released - but never really had the intention of purchasing at that very moment.

Until one day I was on Instagram and came across Too Faced's upcoming Spring 2016 palette - the Sweet Peach Palette. I'm not really into oranges but the peach and pink hues were just so irresistible. Makes me feel that it's time for a change and get a set that's not usual in my collection.
Image Source :

So.. the stalking began! 

03 April 2016

✿ Update : Oh My, Super Busy! ✿

Hey lovelies!!

I've been super busy again this past two weeks and I wasn't able to update any entries. Honestly, I have so many plans in mind but I'm just getting quite overwhelmed by the lack of time in one day. I still remember the times when I was a child and I wish time moved faster... be careful what you wish for... now time flies OMG!
More stuff will be happening soon so I'd be busier than ever
Anyways I'll try to catch up with the posts this week! I'm still trying to schedule getting my videos done and uploaded on Youtube.

Upcoming Updates:

The Epic Tease ~ Too Faced Sweet Peach!

Last Year in Baguio, Philippines

Organizing My Makeup Stuff


My Colourpop Stash

Now let's do this!! <3

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12 March 2016

✿ Update : Makeup VS Crafts!??? ✿

Oh Nooooooo! @.@

Hello lovelies! Oh my, I'm currently faced with a big dilemma. Well, maybe not really that much of a big deal... but still!!

Yesterday, Alex Bear and I were at Hobby Lobby to get some soft pastels for my crafting. I just figured that the current one I have don't have the shades I needed so I got a 48-piece set for only $14.99. It was relatively cheap since the other brands ranged from $30 to $60. Or maybe it's because it's 48 pieces but the size was half the usual length.

Anyways, I was considering getting more clay - not to mention that I'm planning to get more crafting goodies from another Japanese company. Yes, I'm super excited! I am planning to get this accomplished in the next two months.

Then, as I opened my email I saw more new makeup and OMG I just really need to get my hands on some of these. So the biggest dilemma occurred in less than 30 seconds..

Which one do I choose???

06 March 2016

♕ Review : Dolly Wink & LA Girl Liner ♕

Hey lovelies!!

Today I would share to you my eyeliner picks! ^_^

I love using eyeliners all the time - especially because it makes my eyes look bigger and I love the effect it gives. I've always used pencils in the past - but the choices when I was back home (and much younger) was limited. I usually buy decent drugstore brands but the heat, humidity and sweat in the Philippines end up giving me a smudged look. All the time.

So I decided to try liquid eyeliners. The first ones I've gotten didn't work and flaked over time. Eventually I started investing in cosmetics that will yield more satisfactory results.

I really, really loved my Majolica Majorca Autoliner, and wrote a review here!

I also wanted to try other brands and now I've been also using Dolly Wink's liquid eyeliner and it's also AMAZING!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

This is also another Japanese brand, and their cosmetics never fail me! It costs around the same price as Majolica Majorca. I got this at the SM Department Store in the Mall of Asia, and made sure I have another one in stock to bring here in the US with me!

04 March 2016

♕ Makeup : SALE!! BH Cosmetics $$$ OFF Your Orders! ♕

Hurry up loves!!

BH Cosmetics will be having an amazing March in store for you!

Get this deal for only 72 hours!! March 4 - March 6, 2016

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03 March 2016

♕ Makeup : Sneak Peak - Urban Decay's Summer 2016 ♕


Hey loves! Just opened my email this morning and guess what was in store for us??

Another teaser for this summer!!!

I think it's becoming a hype that these amazing makeup companies are teasing us for something spectacular. I'm already setting my eyes on Too Faced's Sweet Peach - and now Urban Decay just released a sneak peak for their Summer 2016 collection!

See at Urban Decay!

Okay, so it's a 15-second clip and I barely saw everything. Oh yes, that's the trick - make us crave for more!! Haha and it's working for me -_- OMG

The addiction is overwhelming LOL

So, ready for summer? I can't see myself saving up anything this time. It might be just right to bring them with me for my next summer escape with my Polar Bear.

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