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30 January 2016

✈ Travel : Polar Honey Bears in El Nido - Part 1 ✈

Oh Palawan ~

What a beautiful paradise! I first visited this beautiful island about four years ago with my friends. In fact, my trip there was one of my first travel entries on this blog! I wasn't really active in blogging at that time tho, and I've accidentally deleted the photos linked to my older blogs -_-

But then, there I was - a new adventure awaits!

When Alex Bear and I were planning out trip, I wanted to take him somewhere special. I've always wanted to go back to Palawan and discover the other places so we figured that this was the island of choice! I suggested either that or Boracay, but he wanted a calm and quiet paradise. Boracay is a party island so the destination was final : El Nido.

As soon as we decided that this was the island to be, I started planning the trip. This was also going to be our first time together (finally yaaay!) so Alex Bear wanted everything planned well from hotels to flights and trips, and all.

But then there's me... I wanted it to be spontaneous like how I usually plan my trips. I know that booking in advance is always the way to go but sometimes getting a place when you get there adds a bit of excitement in the adventure! Or maybe I just wanted him to feel the rush that I do coming somewhat unprepared? Hey but I still had an itinerary planned LOL

26 January 2016

✈ Travel : Hello USA!! My 22-Hour Journey with ANA Air ✈


The long wait is over and I'm finally with my Polar Bear. I arrived here in the USA last year on October and it was quite a journey!

This was it! It's not a short trip, it wasn't a one week business travel, it wasn't a three week vacation. I finally moved to the USA to marry the man of my dreams (as cheesy as it sounds)! But this isn't like any of my past travels when I just wanted to get away, find myself some peace and return to normal life. This is my new normal life.
I know that this will be a great adventure!

22 January 2016

✿ Update : Hibernation is Almost Over (Such Excite, Wow) ✿

Hello lovelies!

Oh my gosh!!! I know it's been so long since my last update and I haven't updated for so many months!!!! I'm pretty surprised (at the same time quite [very] disappointed) that it's been four months since I wrote something last September 2015. 


Anyways, so many things have happened and I didn't really have the time to sit down, be creative and do anything. I have so many plans but it feels like I just don't have enough time in one day or even a week to get everything done! Am I really getting that old?? Nuuuuuuuuuh T_T

Please take my sincerest apologies,

Interested to know more about my move to the USA? It's because of the love of my life, my Polar Bear! Read more on Polar Honey Bears ❤ | I've also made a quick update there about our (my) hibernation, you can read it here ❤

Now, let's see... what are my plans? A LOT!