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28 February 2016

♕ Makeup : OMG, I Want These New Too Faced Palettes!!! ♕

My addiction...

My greatest obsession...

Yes, of course, makeup!

This is something almost everyone who know me should know by now. Well, it just really, really, really, REALLY makes me happy.

For a few weeks now, I've been contemplating about the next palettes to buy. There are quite a few releases that I'm a bit confused which one to prioritize! I've mentioned in my latest entry in Polar Honey Bears that we're having quite a financial struggle at this moment - so getting a new palette means saving up a lot!

Arg!! Can't wait to get a job!!! Hope my working permit comes soon :3

 I've got my eyes set on the Urban Decay Vice Reloaded so I'm more of drooling over Too Faced's new ones!

Today, they just released their

Peanut Butter and Jelly palette!

And from what I've heard - not only do they have amazing pigments, this palette also smells delicious!! This only available on their website and at Ulta.

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15 February 2016

✈ Travel : Polar Honey Bears in Palawan - The Daytripper & Kalui Experience! ✈

El Nido was truly an amazing paradise. I guess I've mentioned it before, I hope that it remains the same. However, the number of tourists keep growing as the destination gets more popular. The demand for renovations and advancements become more serious so I think it might end up like Boracay.

I still hope not. It's a beautiful place to relax -- but who doesn't want to find a calm and serene getaway, right?

Now we're down to the final days...

I woke up quite early on our way back to Puerto Princessa. The scenery out the balcony was breathtaking as always. Every wonder why I love this place? This is why.

14 February 2016

✿ Tips : 20 Cool Nail Hacks! ✿

Hello lovelies!!

Just wanted to share this video by Janelle Estep from Youtube

My mom just loves sharing stuff on my Facebook wall, and she shared this to me. I'm actually subscribed to her but I've been quite busy lately so I haven't checked much of my Youtube for a while.

Now these tips are really cool and practical! I wish I can also figure out cool hacks haha!

Oh well, so for now here's some sweet ideas for your nails <3

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12 February 2016

♕ Makeup : Upcoming Collection Hoarding & Reviews!! ♕

Hai lovelies!
Ah love <3 

So, one of the best things that I've been enjoying since I got here is the availability of the makeup brands that I was dying to have! Most of these brands were not easily available in the Philippines. I mean, yeah there are a lot of online sellers but they're relatively more expensive. Plus, I was more keen in buying my favorite Japanese and Korean brands!

Now that was the downside since I moved here. Majolica Majorca, Kiss Me Heroine and many other Asian brands are not easy to find here. Well, yeah I can order them online too but it's either I have to wait for a long time for them to arrive or they're just too expensive. Uhm... well maybe 'a little bit more' expensive than their actual cost.

But anything for the love of makeup right?

07 February 2016

✈ Travel : Polar Honey Bears in El Nido Part 2 ✈

When you go to El Nido, there are four tours that you can choose from. Each tour will take up a few hours but I'd say it's a good activity for a whole day. For the most part you'll be tired when you get back.

When I was still planning our itinerary, I really wanted to do all four - but we also wanted to do things on our own time so I thought we'd just figure it out when we get there.

The hotel where we stayed, Rosanna's Pension, offered tours and gave Tour A a try. Almost all hotels there will offer tours. In fact, the tricycle drivers and boatmen by the shore will also offer tours so it's not really hard to find one. They just compete in price but the difference is just a few hundred pesos so finding a bargain won't be so hard either.

The prices range from at least 900php/person up to 1500php/person. Now the more you book, many of them will be able to provide bigger discounts. Note that the package destinations are the same for all.

Tour A Package 1200php/person includes

Lunch, mask and snorkels
Big Lagoon
Small Lagoon
Shimizu Island 
Secret Lagoon
7 Commandos Beach
You can also opt to bring your own mask and snorkels. You can check out the other tours and rates online like Rosanna's Pension Website and Go Palawan Travel

The destinations are divided per tour.
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01 February 2016

✈ Travel : Polar Honey Bears in El Nido - Bike Rides & Nacpan Beach ✈

What better way to go around a nice place than taking a bike around and have your own tour!

On our 4th day in El Nido, Alex Bear and I decided to go to Nacpan Beach on our own. We went there during our 2nd day when we had the tricycle tour. It was really beautiful but we only had a few hours to stay because we got there quite late.

During our tricycle trip, the streets were wet and muddy. Getting around the smaller dirt roads were hard for the tricycle which made the trip extra long.
This time we got our own ride!