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12 March 2016

✿ Update : Makeup VS Crafts!??? ✿

Oh Nooooooo! @.@

Hello lovelies! Oh my, I'm currently faced with a big dilemma. Well, maybe not really that much of a big deal... but still!!

Yesterday, Alex Bear and I were at Hobby Lobby to get some soft pastels for my crafting. I just figured that the current one I have don't have the shades I needed so I got a 48-piece set for only $14.99. It was relatively cheap since the other brands ranged from $30 to $60. Or maybe it's because it's 48 pieces but the size was half the usual length.

Anyways, I was considering getting more clay - not to mention that I'm planning to get more crafting goodies from another Japanese company. Yes, I'm super excited! I am planning to get this accomplished in the next two months.

Then, as I opened my email I saw more new makeup and OMG I just really need to get my hands on some of these. So the biggest dilemma occurred in less than 30 seconds..

Which one do I choose???

06 March 2016

♕ Review : Dolly Wink & LA Girl Liner ♕

Hey lovelies!!

Today I would share to you my eyeliner picks! ^_^

I love using eyeliners all the time - especially because it makes my eyes look bigger and I love the effect it gives. I've always used pencils in the past - but the choices when I was back home (and much younger) was limited. I usually buy decent drugstore brands but the heat, humidity and sweat in the Philippines end up giving me a smudged look. All the time.

So I decided to try liquid eyeliners. The first ones I've gotten didn't work and flaked over time. Eventually I started investing in cosmetics that will yield more satisfactory results.

I really, really loved my Majolica Majorca Autoliner, and wrote a review here!

I also wanted to try other brands and now I've been also using Dolly Wink's liquid eyeliner and it's also AMAZING!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

This is also another Japanese brand, and their cosmetics never fail me! It costs around the same price as Majolica Majorca. I got this at the SM Department Store in the Mall of Asia, and made sure I have another one in stock to bring here in the US with me!

04 March 2016

♕ Makeup : SALE!! BH Cosmetics $$$ OFF Your Orders! ♕

Hurry up loves!!

BH Cosmetics will be having an amazing March in store for you!

Get this deal for only 72 hours!! March 4 - March 6, 2016

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03 March 2016

♕ Makeup : Sneak Peak - Urban Decay's Summer 2016 ♕


Hey loves! Just opened my email this morning and guess what was in store for us??

Another teaser for this summer!!!

I think it's becoming a hype that these amazing makeup companies are teasing us for something spectacular. I'm already setting my eyes on Too Faced's Sweet Peach - and now Urban Decay just released a sneak peak for their Summer 2016 collection!

See at Urban Decay!

Okay, so it's a 15-second clip and I barely saw everything. Oh yes, that's the trick - make us crave for more!! Haha and it's working for me -_- OMG

The addiction is overwhelming LOL

So, ready for summer? I can't see myself saving up anything this time. It might be just right to bring them with me for my next summer escape with my Polar Bear.

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02 March 2016

♕ Review : Loreal Nyx Rimmel Drugstore Goodies ♕

Hello Lovelies!!

This post has been pending for a very long time but I still want to share some of my favorite drugstore goodies that are one of my must-haves. Before I got into buying more expensive ones, I've always used drugstore brands - mostly also because it's what's readily available in the Philippines and it's relatively already expensive.

I have to say that most of them work great for the price you pay!

So today, I present you three of my daily beauty routine product faves

Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder
Nyx Dream Catcher Palette
Rimmel Natural Bronzer

I got these items when I was still in the Philippines and I still have them now. Although my makeup collection keeps growing and I really get super confused which one to use, I keep these ones close!