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29 April 2016

❀ Hello USA : Snowflakes ❀

Ahhh snow...

When I was a child, I've always dreamed of seeing and touching snow! For a tropical island girl, snow seems so magical! I mean, it's not really any different from Alex Bear being really excited to swim in the beach for the first time. But then, I won't deny my utter fascination!

And finally, here I am ~ in my new Winter Wonderland!

I was really excited to see snow. Uhh.. yeah!! Like I said a million times before. Not only does it look so whimsical (at least to me), it also makes a lot of photos look amazing. I've always been awed by ice and I've loved many aspects of it - from formation to structure - it's just something I adore. Even my email address has "ice" on it. Sounds so high school but I did have that email since I was like 16 so yeah-uh...

04 April 2016

♕ Makeup : The Epic Tease ~ Too Faced Sweet Peach! ♕

Hey lovelies!!

I posted a quick update yesterday about how the last two weeks has been kinda hectic for me but a lot of fun things have happened. There were some challenges including my big puppy was sick for about a week.


Today, I've done something for the first time in my whole entire existence.

I have never really stalked any cosmetic product to the point that I was actually waiting for the exact release date and time! I mean, yeah, I've done that before for certain things and also checked when some makeup items would be released - but never really had the intention of purchasing at that very moment.

Until one day I was on Instagram and came across Too Faced's upcoming Spring 2016 palette - the Sweet Peach Palette. I'm not really into oranges but the peach and pink hues were just so irresistible. Makes me feel that it's time for a change and get a set that's not usual in my collection.
Image Source :

So.. the stalking began! 

03 April 2016

✿ Update : Oh My, Super Busy! ✿

Hey lovelies!!

I've been super busy again this past two weeks and I wasn't able to update any entries. Honestly, I have so many plans in mind but I'm just getting quite overwhelmed by the lack of time in one day. I still remember the times when I was a child and I wish time moved faster... be careful what you wish for... now time flies OMG!
More stuff will be happening soon so I'd be busier than ever
Anyways I'll try to catch up with the posts this week! I'm still trying to schedule getting my videos done and uploaded on Youtube.

Upcoming Updates:

The Epic Tease ~ Too Faced Sweet Peach!

Last Year in Baguio, Philippines

Organizing My Makeup Stuff


My Colourpop Stash

Now let's do this!! <3

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