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29 August 2016

✿ Update : *Yawn!!* A Super Long Break ✿

Hello my Lovelies!!!

OMG, as usual, here I go again with the ~ "it's been so loooooong!!"

Well, yeah it's been almost four months since my last update and I'm really, really sorry for not being around just when I said I would be. Things have been going on really fast for me and everything is like a roller coaster ride.

Here's a quick video of me and my lame explanation LOL

I believe that I have finally coped up much better with the move and all the new things like balancing my job and wifey duties for my baby Big Puppy and his daddy, doing other stuff with the family and so much more. I'm very hopeful that I'd be able to pull this off so bear with me guy!! Ugh, I do feel like a college student trying to meet deadlines. How nostalgic!

**Much Much Love!!**