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11 November 2016

♕ Makeup : Le Colourpop Favorites ♕

Hey Loves ❤

About a year or two ago, my best friend Honey June told me about Colourpop - a really nice yet inexpensive brand that I should try. When I was in the Philippines, I did have some makeup but I didn't really have access to certain brands and this was one of them. Now it's easier to get especially that there are some known makeup groups and shops there that already make it possible.

One of the first things that I had to try as soon as I got here and I instantly fell in love! For less than $10 a piece, oh my gosh it's a steal! If you still haven't heard of Colourpop, you're definitely missing out a lot. The feedback is mainly positive, and of course, like everything else there are a few negative comments. They are pretty known in coming up with really beautiful and pigmented shades. They started out with their Super Shock Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix, which eventually expanded to other products for the eyes, face, brows and lips.

Anyways, here's a part of my haul that I actually got a couple of months ago. I'm just going to feature the eyeshadows because I plan to make a separate post for their lip products ^.^

Not everybody prefers having a single eyeshadow and would choose a palette instead. I love palettes but I also love the fact that I can just pick one or two to use and play with at a time. I kinda really dig the packaging - the simplicity really gets me LOL.

I also have to give a big kudos to Colourpop's customer service. I've never really had a bad experience with them. Their shipping sometimes takes a while but I also know that they have a lot of orders especially if they release their collabs. However, on their first shipment the shade Coconut came in broken. After contacting them they just sent me a coupon code to get it for free with no shipping. So it actually gave me the chance to add other items and get free shipping. Pretty neat.

(L-R) Ibiza, Coconut

(L-R) Liberty, Bubbly
(L-R) Slave2Pink, Dare, Lace, Dance Party
I know that in the photos it seems not super pigmented but note that I only used one swipe to get the pigments from the pan and another one swipe on my arm to do the swatches. I'm actually pretty happy with that!

My Thoughts

Affordable and good quality so it's definitely worth the price.
Love the texture, very buttery and not chalky at all!
There is a decent range of colors and finishes to choose from. They don't have extreme colors but you can definitely pick out a few options.
 Works great when you use dense brushes. I personally prefer to use (clean) fingers in applying them to my lids.
TIP: I always use primer when using any eyeshadow. If you're using a glittery shade, I strongly suggest that you use your fingers in applying them. Just swipe on the product and gently dab on your lids to build up product. Remember to use only clean fingers to avoid any type of irritation.

I know that this is an older set of mine so I'll be putting up some of the collections from Colourpop that I've got!

Blogging Soon

Colourpop Collections : Hello Kitty (complete haul!!), Alchemy Collab

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