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13 November 2016

♕ Shopping : Oh No! My Order Got Declined ♕

You know you got problems when you start crying over makeup... or maybe not!

When you're passionate about something, whether it's collecting stamps or hoarding makeup, you put your heart into it. There's no denying that we can get emotional when things don't go our way or how they're supposed to.

Now that's the case with my Too Faced Funfetti order from HSN last November 9th.

The collection was supposed to come out on November 11th, but HSN put out a Pre-Sale with a big discount. The limited edition set includes an eyeshadow palette, a full sized blush, a lipgloss, a Better Than Sex mascara and a heart shaped kabuki brush. The regular price is $68 but during these dates they were offering it for $55 - and by using Visa checkout, you can get it for $20 less! Now how abou that for a super deal right!???

As soon as I saw it going around Instagram just a few hours after it started, I ordered it and voila! It's coming home to me SOON!! You see, I've been waiting for this set since the first day they announced that they were coming out with it. If you've been following my blogs, or in Instagram, you probably already know that I'm a huge Too Faced junkie. Tho I'm the kind of person who will buy makeup that I actually want, I still kinda want to have all of their products. So I may not get everything, this set was definitely on my must-have list.

Fast forward to last night, November 12th - I received an email that my credit card company declined the order and they stopped processing the transaction.

Wait, what?? What did I just read??

Okay, at this point, I have proven that I have an almost-severe makeup addiction (and I'm trying to play it down LOL). To be honest, life has been a bit stressful for me lately because adulting isn't really very easy - but I'm the "Bubbly, I-Can-Do-This kind of person" - so it doesn't really show. Sometimes it just takes that little poke of life to make me explode.

I immediately called HSN and inquired about the situation. I kept myself calm and spoke in a soft and friendly voice - like I always do. I know that it never helps if I explode over the phone, and it's definitely not the representative's fault why things have happened.

The woman on the other line said that there was a problem with the transaction so they can run it again - chances are the code at the back of the card was entered incorrectly. I said that before I proceed with that, I wanted to know why it was declined and I don't want any fees from my bank. The weird thing was that I used a debit card that actually has money in it. She transferred me to another person from a different department, and she said that he could assist me.

This is where things got out of hand.

Pro Tip: If you don't like your job, please look for something else instead of doing it wrong and ultimately not fulfilling your tasks.

The second person who took the call answered in a very fast and almost incomprehensible manner. I was very emotional so I had to exert a lot of extra effort to keep myself calm. I asked him why the card was declined. He answered me (while speaking really fast) that HSN didn't decline the transaction and the credit card company did. I told him that I knew that, but the reason is usually given in the system why and that's what I wanted to find out.

Now here's the thing - I've worked as a call center agent before so I know the stress of needing to manage calls while actually staying within the expected minutes of the call (known as "AHT" or "Average Handle Time"). I also did some administrative accounting work where I had to enter credit cards for certain charges. If a card is declined, codes and errors are given noting if the card numbers are incorrect, or the card was expired, and so on.

While I asked calmly, trying to figure out a way to make things work, he was just giving me closed ended answers so he could end the call. Well, we can't work with people who doesn't want to work with you so I just ended the call. I was just so sad - the collection is no longer on sale, I don't have enough money to buy it at $68 and I originally ordered it for half the price - ugh, now I was throwing a tantrum.

I refreshed my HSN account and there I saw that there was another transaction for $71.40 for the Funfetti Collection!!!! WHAT!??
Okay now I was losing it! First, I didn't want another one for that price, I have not agreed to have my card ran again. Second - $71.40?? NOOOOO!

I called them again, still talking calmly but I know I sounded tense. The third agent I spoke with was very calm and helpful. I was actually very happy that he was and he then offered to transfer me to a supervisor so we can work things out. The supervisor then managed to get me the promo price and have the transaction actually go through!

Super happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really glad that their customer service is very helpful to actually help me out!

That's the thing tho - there are companies who really just have horrible customer service, and then there are companies who just have some horrible representatives.

I literally bursted into tears!

It was so much relief that the collection that I waited for so long was almost out of reach (well technically still within reach but... twice the price I originally intended to pay for!?) was still coming home to me ^_^ At the same time, it's good to know that HSN agents are not all bad. Obviously, out of three, only one of them wasn't helpful.

Still gonna shop at HSN? Definitely!


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