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07 December 2016

✿ Crafting : New Stocks in Starr and Sparkle Shop ✿

Hello loves! New stocks are now available in my crafting shop!

If you like making your own kawaii items, check out my quality clay imported from Japan. If you're already into crafting, you've probably heard of these - so no more long waiting time for them to arrive from Asia. Super affordable and super fast shipping

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03 December 2016

♕ Review : Buxom Full On Lip Polish ♕

Lip polish, lip gloss, lip plumpers...

We all love that soft and full lips, don't we? 

I know that this product was released a while back and I already have a new set to review but it's still worth sharing! I just love Buxom's Full On Lip Polish and I have to say that it's currently one of my favorite lip products.

The first time I tried these lippies was when I purchased this value set at Sephora for $29 (originally $32), I'm more of a lip gloss person than a lipstick so this was definitely a great deal.