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03 December 2016

♕ Review : Buxom Full On Lip Polish ♕

Lip polish, lip gloss, lip plumpers...

We all love that soft and full lips, don't we? 

I know that this product was released a while back and I already have a new set to review but it's still worth sharing! I just love Buxom's Full On Lip Polish and I have to say that it's currently one of my favorite lip products.

The first time I tried these lippies was when I purchased this value set at Sephora for $29 (originally $32), I'm more of a lip gloss person than a lipstick so this was definitely a great deal.

These minis actually have a lot of product. Their full sized ones are big so if you want to stick to a certain color, $20 is definitely worth it.

This pack comes in six different shades. They're sparkly with medium coverage. Since it's not a lipstick, these don't last long on the lips and will rub off when you eat. 

They leave a minty sensation after application which actually means that it's doing it's job to give that full plumping effect. I personally like that anyways LOL.

Here are the shades up close and personal:







I honestly prefer these over my MAC Lipglass lippies. While these can seem a bit sticky, I love the tint and plumpness that it gives.

Is it worth it? Definitely!  Especially if you're getting their sets, it's a great chance to give their products a try.

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