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❅ KimiStarr™ ❅

Just a girl lost with a camera. 

My life is whimsical, adventurous, plain, boring, colorful, lively, dull, frantic, plain and everything in between. I'm a contradictory of worlds.

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❄ Emotions in Pictures. Dreams in Photographs. 

Life in motion. I have loved photography since I was a child but there were no cheap means to pursue this passion - no smart phones, no tablets, no digital cameras and no inexpensive alternatives. I received my first camera when I was 11 but wasn't able to really do something until I was in college.

I love to capture the beauty of everything around me - from little glass beads to the glory of various places. Everything is inspiring and little details have a story to tell. Every donut sprinkle.

❄ Princess Vanity Narcissist Complex 

Makeup and colors are my addiction. It makes me happy! I'm always eager to try something new but I'm always keen to using Asian cosmetics. I express myself through how I perceive beauty and I am always in search of what make life lovely.

❄ I Go Places 

Travel is my life. I love going around, meeting new people and learning new cultures. I have always adored the wonders of nature and the glory of life in various spots. I started visiting nearby areas until I was able to go around the Philippines and nearby countries. My quest to see the world doesn't end here. In fact, it has just started.

❄ Hello Kitty & Turtles 

Further to obsessions, I love Hello Kitty and turtles, best portrayed by Knarly the Traveling Purple Turtle!

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